Chris “I will never become a lobbysist” Dodd’s new salary as a lobbyist

$1.5 million per year. If that keeps him out of Connecticut and off the Senate floor I supposed it’s worth it.


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10 responses to “Chris “I will never become a lobbysist” Dodd’s new salary as a lobbyist

  1. dollarbill

    Dodd did a lot of good over the years, but this move just reeks of inside-the-Beltway favoritism, and cashing in. The deceit and hypocrisy is a bit much to take, given that he said he would never join the ranks of the lobbyists and their gravy trains. Revolting.

  2. Georgie in Greenwich

    Democrat or Republican…..stay too long in the “belly of the beast” and these politicians all become corrupt , slack, and cheap to buy. Term limits is the only answer.

    In Dodd’s case, his true colors were shown during the Mortgage Crisis and his sweetheart deals with Countrywide were revealed; his stench is so bad, I’m glad he’s moving out of CT so I can breathe easier.

  3. ChrisD

    What the hell do I care about what dollarbill or Georgie in Greenwich think, or any of my former constituents for that that mater. I’m movin’ on up and I’m movin’ on out ’cause I’ve finally got a piece of the pie!

    So long, suckers.

  4. IDAHO

    Out of one apple barrel long enough to start a nice pension from us and then into another one! Sheesh!!

  5. The Duke of Deception

    All that needs to be said about Dodd is that he was the best friend and fellow cavorter of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Chivas Regal).

  6. Kevin

    His mortgage buddy Mozillo got off easy. Maybe he’ll arrange free Netflix for life. Dodd’s father was great, this Dodd is quite the bozo character with his hand in the cookie jar all the time..

  7. Kevin

    I am referring to fighting the KKK, Nuremburg, gun control, human rights etc.
    the censure was a witch hunt
    his son though, a different story altogether…at least pops had some great achievements

  8. towny

    What? He’s supposed to end up like Truman?

  9. towny

    and politicians are lobbist’s-duh.