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Classmate wins lottery

Billy Boles, Old Greenwich

I haven’t seen Billy since Eastern Junior High (maybe GHS) but now that he’s won the lottery, it’s obviously time to befriend him again and spare him from his stated intention of blowing his windfall by paying off his daughters’ college debts. I’m sure we can find him a safe, secure investment in a condo or something.


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The first law proposed by Californians I’ve ever agreed with

Even a blind squirrel finds the occasional acorn and California’s done so with its proposed ban on the sale of shark fins.  (if you hit the NYT subscription wall, search for “shark fin ban” in Google News and you’ll get to the article) I’m against political correctness in general, but deferring to the cultural and culinary tastes of an aging population of nostalgic ethnic Chinese at the expense of wiping out the top of the ocean’s food chain is wasteful, cruel and wrong. As one of the younger Chinese is quoted as saying in this article, “it’s time to stop”. Long overdue, in fact, but at least it’s finally happening.

UPDATE: I originally read this as having been enacted and so have edited the post to reflect that the bill has only been introduced into the legislature. I hope they go for it. And as reader Inagua points out, California does have a few good laws, like term limits and Prop. 13. Excuse my hyperbole.


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