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Britain: Gasoline hits 6 lb. per gallon mark

And going up again next month, when the next round of tax hikes hits.


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Never mind!

Russian heat wave not caused by global warming. The science is settled.

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Wisconsin wins, public unions stripped of collective bargaining rights

This should be fun.


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Spec house sells

80 Lower Cross Road near, but not in Conyer’s Farm, has sold for $14 million. I’m surprised.

96 Husted, a relocation property, is under contract, last asking price was $6.9 million, down from $7.5, it last sold in 2006 for $7.350.

16 Chimney Corner is also under contract. It sold for $6 million in 2000 and has been asking $$7.5 million.

19 Dialstone, property once owned by my aunt, sold for $580,000 in 1999. It was renovated and expanded and resold in 2000 for $1.230 million. The current owners couldn’t sell it for $2.830 las t year so today it’s back, marked up to $2.850. Dialstone has many fine attributes but supporting a $3 million housing market is not one of them, I don’t believe.


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