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Unintended (?) consequences

Debit card transactions to be limited to $50.  These days, that won’t buy you a tank of gas, so it’s back to the days of ATMs and, maybe, checks but more likely credit cards, which may soon carry a $3 per month charge themselves. All thanks to the consumer protection regulations imposed on banks by Dodd/Frank. Thanks, gentlemen.


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A cynical look at why General Petraeus will be going nowhere

Obama and his advisers see the general as a threat and therefore will seek to bury him in deep obscurity. In my experience, one can never be too cynical about Washington and its machinations, so this article sounds about right to me.


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Yogi Berra okay after a fall

Treated and released after tripping at Yankee spring training. I may be a Red Sox fan now but growing up, Berra and Mantle were my heroes, so I’d like to see Yogi stick around for many more years. At 85, though, they should keep a careful eye on him. I’m delighted to learn that he still attends spring training and that the young players absorb his knowledge. Pretty cool.


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Obama votes “present”on Libya

Miss me yet?

 Kadaffy’s brutish son vows to step up to full scale military action while Obummer golfs and Hillary wrings her hands. In the meantime France – France! – takes the lead. Readers with a long memory will recall that it was France who stymied Reagan’s attempt to take out Kadaffy when a successful bombing would have eliminated the pest. But that was when we had a world leader. Now we don’t, and are relegated to following France’s lead. How pathetic.


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What’s happened to broker open houses?

I’ve been dawdling this morning, reading a new biography of George Washington, but just clicked on the open house list to see what I should see. Turns out, nothing. Are we in the private school vacation week, or have sellers given up? Beats me, but I’m astonished that there is so little going on in the way of new listings.


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