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Responding to morons – a work in progress

“Dollar Bill” is upset at my assertion that rich people are paying 65% of Connecticut’s income taxes. Here’s a story from 2009 showing that Greenwich,with a population of 61,000, was paying 11% even back then. More to come.


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Jerry Brown: the Obummer of California

Full control of the house and the senate, as Obummer enjoyed last year, but can’t pass a budget. Reality sucks when you have to take off the propeller beanies and actually govern.


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Look for the union label

NYC’s rubber room teachers are back in the classroom. Child molesters, drug addicts and alcoholics, they were supposed to be permanently removed from the tax rolls but of course, that never happens. As Thos. Jefferson observed of federal bureaucrats, “few die and none retire”. Of course, in Jefferson’s day, incompetence and malfeasance came cheaper.

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Understated British good taste

Celebrate the royal wedding with Crown Jewel Condoms. I’m thinking that Walt might want to do a riff on this idea: get f***ked by Bernie and me with no ill consequences! Or something like that. Put Steph and Buddy Hackett on the box and they’ll sell like hotcakes.


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It’s probably time to shift back to being a seller’s rep

Peter Schiff planning on vacating to Florida: why stay here and be at the mercy of the mob? I know, I know, the left will cheer “good riddance to bad rubbish” etc., but when we run out of other people’s money to confiscate, the rats will turn on each other. Danno is doing just that.

There’s no particular reason to live in this crowded, expensive  little state; in fact, every day provides new reasons not to.


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