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More on that steak house

My original email to the Smith and Wollensky manager rejected, I wrote to general headquarters (yeah, I do this stuff when I’m angry). I received a response, even on a Sunday, from a very nice lady who promised to pass on my email to the manager of the 49th Street restaurant, but it turns out that the Manhattan “showcase” is a stand-alone, so whatever its problems are, they shouldn’t be attributed to the licensees. Fair enough, and if the concerned, prompt response from that company’s headquarters is any indication, a dinner at any Smith and Wollensky’s outside of NYC will probably yield a great dining experience.


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The Wild Rover

WFUV just played the Clancy Brothers’ “Wild Rover” and it brought back such fond memories of my friend Bill Breck. My goodness, we played and sang this song while sailing on at least two oceans, and enjoyed every bit of it. Sadly, Bill never did live up to the song’s vow to play the wild rover no more, and paid the price. I’m trying to.


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Smith, Wollensky and Awful

This is why I refuse to go to NYC. Brother Gideon took our Ma and guests to a production of Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” yesterday afternoon,and then treated them all to an early evening dinner at Smith and Wollensky’s at 49th street. A terrible experience, from what I hear. Nasty, surly service, $20 for a glass (!) of wine, and mediocre food. It always astonishes me, reading horrible reviews of NYC restaurants, to see photographs of the place showing it crowded with patrons. Why do people bother flocking to bad places when there are thousands of good restaurants in the city, all eager to please? I don’t blame Gideon for succumbing to the hype, but New Yorkers should know better, eh?


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A religion of pieces

Palestinians stab Jewish family to death,including an infant. Hamas approves.


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NPR – fair and balanced

I’m not being ironic. Even libertarian nuts like me give credit to their coverage, if not to their management. No one quoted in this article supports federal funding for the organization, but all attest to the fairness of the reporters. Far better than the main stream media, which won’t devote the time to fully cover a story. Just as a for instance, I just heard a report on the nuclear plants over there  (no link yet but if it’s posted I’ll update). Totally non-hysterical, informative, and useful news. It reminded me why I contribute to this organization. And if they get off the government teat, I’ll send them more than the $120 a year I currently pledge.

UPDATE: Of course, just as I posted this, the Japan story was followed by a story about the NPR sting that caused the two Shillers to be  fired after being exposed as leftie symps. Nowhere in that ‘discussion” was it acknowledged that James O’Keefe, the young man behind the sting, released the full 2 1/2 hour video of the infamous luncheon so that people could decide the context for themselves. Maybe I’ll drop my contribution to $2o bucks.


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Idiot chef

That would be me. In celebration of my own family’s wheelbarrow heritage I’ve planned a corned beef dinner for the girls and Pal Nancy but, checking Cooks Illustrated, I really should have corned my own brisket. But that, alas, takes 3-7 days, so  we’re doing the supermarket version. Bummer, but happy almost St. Paddy’s day to all of us.


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Bringing it all back home

 Nothing that’s happened here in the US can compare with the horror that struck Japan, but I’ve been in Crescent City, California three times and never had the opportunity to visit Japan, so one I know, the other I don’t. And I  can get a faint idea of what Japan has suffered from my visits to Crescent City, which was hit with a tidal wave yesterday. That harbor (a generous term, to this easterner, used to protective coves) was hammered by the 1964 Alaskan earthquake and still showed the effects of the resulting tsunami when I was there in 1969  1971 and 2001. And now it’s been whacked again, because it’s in the perfect position to receive the brunt of waves set off by Pacific earthquakes. But, were I to transplant from the east coast, I’d still consider this northwest corner of California, except for that poor state’s economics – I fear California’s politicians far more than rogue waves.

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Ah, media!

10,000 souls missing in one town from the tsunami, so the press focuses on the “nuke disaster”.  Where no one has died or even been injured. The 1970 -era plants shut down as designed, the radioactive elements released exposed people to less than that emitted during a CAT scan, but that’s the focus of the press. Stupid, or people with an agenda? I say both, but you decide.


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