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Oh my God, Owsley is dead!

Dead in a car crash at 76. My kids are old enough to learn the awful truth: there would have been no Grateful Dead, no Ken Kesey and no Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test and, probably, no dad as my children know him without Owsley Stanley and his magic wares. Ah well, time marches on.

UPDATE: I do like this part; after fleeing to Australia to avoid the coming Ice Age,

His relationship to Earth’s life forms included following a purely carnivorous diet. Carbohydrates and vegetables were killers, he said. He blamed a recent heart attack on poisonous broccoli his mother had fed him as a child.


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Perverted assistant librarian placed on paid leave

A 31-year-old “teacher” is paid $73,000 which, with benefits, probably comes close to $100,000 a year. This for an assistant librarian who likes to flash his dirty bits at housewives. I’m more offended at his salary than his crimes – there are very few 31-year-olds worth a $100,000 a year, and not a single librarian that I’m aware of.



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Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

How much radiation are you consuming with that banana?  It will surprise you, especially if you’re the type to freak out over radon in your basement. Spoiler alert: stay away from the fruit bowl.

Just add cornflakes


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One small blessing in Japan

A baby is found after three days and reunited with her father. While that must be a joyous occasion for her parent (there’s no mention of the mother, although I hope she’s okay), I was struck by this look on the soldier’s face – after days of dealing with no one but the dead, how amazing it must feel to save a little girl.

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Maybe I’ll sue Greenwich’s Board of Ed

Mommy sues Upper East Side nursery school for failing to teach proper test techniques to 4-year-old. “She was stuck learning shapes and colors”. Hell, they had me working on that skill set when I was a senior at the high school, although maybe, come to think of it, that was the acid. Still….


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One slow contract

44 Khakum Wood tried for $10.5 million back in 2007, and eventually dropped to $6.595. Has a contract as of last week. Sold for $5.3 million in 1999.


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Two quick contracts

36 Butternut HollowNice house (lousy picture) on Butternut Hollow (exact address got clipped when posting, but I’ll get it) sold for $3.675 million in 2002 and was placed up for sale last week at $3.575. Instant sale.

34 Forest Ave

34 Forest Avenue in Old Greenwich, was listed last Wednesday @$2.095and already has an accepted offer. There’s not much available in Old Greenwich at that price range.


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