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So where’s Buddy Hackett?

A rather pudgy Stephanie Brant is back on St. Barts, this time without her clinging son or that short fellow who claims  to have kissed and made up. Just between us? This is one weird family.


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Words that must be said

Obummer picks UConn women to win NCAA tournament.

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“Present” Obummer gets tough

Our NCAA president finally gets tough with K.Daffy, once France takes the lead. This man is pathetic.


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Go figure: the market is back, and it seems crazy high to me

176 Shore Road

Priced at $2.999 million back in 2008. $2.329 for a building lot still strikes me as excessive. Not for these buyers, though.

75 Summit

Asked $1.495, under contract. Whatever.

61 Indian Field Rad


I was out with a client just a few days ago and she expressed interest in this house, priced at $2.295. I told her she was nuts and wouldn’t show it. Under contract.

I think these are aberrations and that the market will continue to decline. But I’d hate to be one of those bears who predicted the bust of the dot.com bubble five years too soon – they lost all their clients because they cost them a fortune. Who wants to be right too early? But still, I do not understand these prices.


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Take it easy, old man

I just read that James Taylor, 63, broke his leg skiing in Utah. He’s got nine-year-old twin boys, it turns out (!) but is more concerned about the Japanese earthquake victims than his own health, for which I applaud him. But still, we just lost a family friend to a ski-tree collision in Sun Valley, so I worry about these things. Take care there, fella – I treasure your music.


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Japanese mafia helping out in post-tsunami crisis

Here’s an interesting article written by an American reporter who clearly knows Japan. He’s hardly a starry-eyed apologist for  these thugs, calling them “tribal sociopaths”, but it’s still fascinating to read how, in a disaster, even the worst of the Japanese criminals have pitched in to help.


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I told you so

Forbes: Chevy Volt, the car from Atlas Shrugged Motors. Why is this frightening? Because if a dummy like me can see this boondoggle coming from a year down the pike, what the f**k are they doing in Washington and Detroit? These people, i remind you, are supposed to be ‘experts”.


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