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Laughing all the way to the bank

Word’s out that the FAR Czar, Franklin Bloomer has sold his Pincecrest Road home in Riverside to builder Alex Kali-Nagy. It would be wonderful for Franklin if, having screwed his neighbors, he can profit from having an over-sized lot. He may be a shit, but he’s not stupid.


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We let Utah beat us to this?

Colt 1911

Utah names the Colt 1911 its official state gun. We had it first, damn it. Is it too late to claim the potato cannon?


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Lucas Point

35 Cove Rd

It took ten months, but this Lucas Point house, listed at $7.5 million, is finally under contract. I thought it splendid, but the few buyers I had in its price range weren’t Old Greenwich people.


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A remarkable recovery

Greenwich Time reports on a young Riverside  girl, Brooke Lorenz,  recovering from cancer.  I’m pretty sure that she is the  youngest daughter of Riverside’s Walter Lorenz, CEO of Hobbs Builders, one of the best and most respected home builders in our area. I’ve lost touch with Walter as our kids grew, but if this is his precious girl then I’m awfully sorry and of course, if it’s another Riverside Lorenz family, my sympathies remain the same. We expect parents to get sick, not children. Get well and stay well, Brooke.


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Tom Waits

My  Left- Coast family has lots of exotic friendships with musicians, including Joni Mitchell and Cindy (Lucinda) Williams, but Tom Waits is a special friend of my niece Naomi, so I was delighted to see him finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week. And I loved this quip: “They said I had no hits and was difficult to work with, as though there was something wrong with that”. A man after my own heart.

And by the way, no hits? The Eagles did “Old 55”, Waits and Springsteen both had hits with “The Heart of Saturday Night”

 and I think Springsteen’s signature song is Waits’ ” Jersey Girl”.


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