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Get one while you can still find a car to tow it

Instapundit links to this re-do of a 1970 Airstream. You know, you could sell the cheapest house in Cos Cob, fix up an Airstream, buy a new Toyota Sequoia to take it out to Wyoming and still have the cash to buy 100 acres to plant it on. Why are we still here?


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House hunting

I was out looking at houses with my (business  – do we have to add that  these days? I think we do)  partner Cathy Farricker and a client today and all of us were struck by the disparity between what sellers think their houses are worth and what their  competition is. Really – if you are a seller, ask your agent to take you to see other listings in your asked-for price line. I’ve been a listing agent many times and I was always ready to accommodate a colleague, and I’m sure that hasn’t changed. But if you are going to impose on your own and another agent’s time, you really should agree to drop your subjective viewpoint and honestly look at other houses. We saw houses today that were pretty much priced the same but were, in our opinion, some $200,000 – $500,000 apart in value. That’s not just two realtor’s opinion, but an actual buyer’s view, a guy who is ready to write a check. For a $2.1 – $2.8  million house, that’s a lot.


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Troll alert

I’ve got a couple of readers (or maybe they’re all one) who are increasingly trying to post comments about “F’n jews, F’n muslims, etc. I spot them and can them, usually, but I was distressed to see that a few slipped by. They’re gone now, but do feel free to alert me if I screw up again. I have pretty lax standards for what goes up on the comments board (or this blog itself, for that matter), but I have absolutely no interest in serving as a board for the new Reich.


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All I needed to do was get arrested

I haven’t had a date is six years, while female Riker’s Island guards are falling all over their prisoners. Geeze, a couple of tats and a rap sheet and my sex life problems would be solved. Who knew?


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