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Malloy reconsiders, transfers all future town meetings to Stowe, VT

Nah, I’m just kidding – in fact, he’s moving the meetings to accommodate larger audiences, including his Greenwich meeting to Eastern Middle school next Monday night. For which I commend him. From what I read, our Governor seems to be doing more talking than listening in these budget talks, but at least he’s willing to take the heat. I completely disagree with his budget, but I’ll bet Danno isn’t losing a moment’s sleep over that propsect.


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At some point, you have to take a stand

Man starts shooting after Taco Bell raises burrito price to $1.49. I mean, where does it end?


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So here’s my point

37 Cedarwood

 I have a couple of readers, one a “professional” realtor, the other a professional home seller, upset with me for complaining that we have a lot of over-priced inventory. But look at 37 Cedarwood, a wonderful mid-town house reduced today from $6.8 million to $5.750 million. It’s possible that a buyer might have succeeded had she bid a million less than the asking price a year ago, but do you really believe that? I don’t; my grumpy readers do.


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Knock me over with a feather

24 Verona Drive

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this Riverside location, down near the foot of Lockwood Road,  and the house that sold there last week looks beautiful, but had you told me a year ago that Verona would support a price of $3.825, I’d have doubted you. Which is why you have to keep up with the market (and ignore me). I’d say that we are, at least temporarily, back at 2008 pricing in Riverside. Will we stay there? Stay tuned.


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It’s snowing in Riverside

First day of spring. I’m holding off on the snowblower thing though, because that didn’t work out so well last time. (Many) years ago, Riverside’s Troop II Boy Scouts were headed for a camp out at Seaton Reservation and  my friend Chase Carey’s mom tried to keep him home because snow was predicted. “Mrs. Carey,” we all yelled, (probably 10-years-old)  “it’s the first day of Spring!”. She relented, and it snowed 6″. Chase survived, going on to be the top executive of Rupert Murdoch’s empire.  As I recall, another, older (12?) friend, Eddy Davis, pretty much said “f**k this and ordered up a taxi to take him home. We made fun of him then but as the years have gone by, I’ve developed a sneaking admiration for a guy who saw no need to suffer. Me, I tried to thaw my Clark’s “Desert Boots” near the fire and melted their gum-rubber soles, permanently ruining them. Ah, memories.


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A reminder for Civil War buffs

The NYT continues its most excellent on-line series of the events of 150 years ago. Exactly 150 years ago this week, Fort Sumter was about to go down, Virginia was teetering on secession, Texas rebuffed Sam Houston’s plea to  remain with the union and a former abolitionist decided that Jefferson was wrong and that slavery was not a moral and political disaster because Africans were naturally inferior to whites. All in one week! It makes the few items on Obama’s plate – nuclear disaster, Libya,  the collapse of the Middle East and the Big East’s dismal performance in the NCAA tournament (except for the UConn kids, men and women)  look like child’s play.

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