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Hey, it’s evolution, babe

I’m 5’10”, white and can’t shoot a basketball. Life goes on, so go with it, don’t sue.


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Price cuts;too late

We have 17 price cuts today which is nice, but pretty much too late in  many instances – the buyers have moved on.  Steamboat Road, a property I was not involved with, has cut its price from $8.895 to $5.950; who’s still around? On a lesser scale, a seller who stood firm at a $25,ooo price difference with one of my clients finally came back, only to be told, “pfft”. Sellers had their chance to set their prices reasonably at the start of the selling season. Now the season is gone while their houses are not, and shaving 5% off the asking price is pathetic, rather than effective.


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No need to throw Momma from the train

Putnam Hill units are selling for $300,000. At that price, you can keep her around to entertain the grandchildren.


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Patriot Bank unloads 14 S. Baldwin

It might never have been worth its asked-for $9.795 million, but there was value there. The bank refused all reasonable offers and let it sit empty over the winter a year or so ago while pipes burst and flooded the place. It must have cost at least $5 million, the original mortgage, to rebuild it, and that’s what it sold for today. On someone’s books, this probably all makes sense, but it sure seems like a waste to me.


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