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Gabrieles: $450 for four? Ain’t happening here, fella

The Old Luca’s on Church Street has been reincarnated as Gabrieles  and getting rave reviews. But at these prices, I’ll wish them well and stay well away. I can travel to NYC and be ripped off by Smith and Wolensky’s for the same tariff.

UPDATE: Of course, now that they’re charging for ice in NYC, you might want to stay right here in town. Or in my case, stay home.


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Trouble in River city: 39 Month’s Inventory!

Reader IB’r sends this along from Russ Pruner’s brother:

How’d you miss out on a quote here. From the WSJ post:

“Mark Pruner of Prudential Connecticut Realty in Greenwich, Conn., sent me a chart showing the supply of homes in Greenwich. Greenwich of course, lives or dies on the health of the financial markets (hedge funds, Wall Street), so you would think the town should lead any recovery.

But the chart below shows that Greenwich has a 39-month supply of homes priced at $10 million or more. That compares to inventory of only six months for homes priced at less than $400,000, which in Greenwich won’t even buy you Steve Cohen’s Zamboni shed.

At the current sales rate, it will take more than three years to clear out the town’s supply of megamansions, and that assumes that no new ones come on the market.”


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One, and someone will probably cut you a break. Six? Not so good.

It’s still cold out there, so if you’re caught stealing one warm coat, you’ll probably be treated leniently. Six at a time gets you in trouble, even if you’re trying to build a cozy bed under the bridge.


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I’m not sure this was wise

The University of Connecticut lost $2 million sending its football team to the Fiesta Bowl this year while the bowl organizers partied with strippers and whores. If the kids got to join in the fun, fine; it seems though, that we tax payers got the bill while the “fiesta Bowl folks had all the fun. That’s typical, I suppose.


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I don’t see this as an issue

Town spent $25,000 in overtime searching for 13-year-old who ran away. Plus, no doubt, state police helicopter charges and hundreds of hours of volunteers’ time. I don’t begrudge the money and I’ll bet the cops don’t either (and I’ve spent time as a volunteer searcher up in Maine, looking for lost hikers). It’s what we do for young kids in trouble.and whatever caused her woes,, this young child was in trouble. I hope she’s now getting help. Stupid grown -ups who should know better (Maine hunters come to mind)  probably ought to be charged for the trouble they cause, but that’s not how our society is run. Which is okay with me.


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Obummer lays an egg

Gave a speech last night that should make every American afraid. This is a man who is totally unprepared to run our country.


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Fled or dead?

The chief of Japan’s nuke plant hasn’t been seen or heard from in two weeks. Probably not a good sign.


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It doesn’t stop at the bridge

 Brooklyn real estate scams rampant, AG says.

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