Gabrieles: $450 for four? Ain’t happening here, fella

The Old Luca’s on Church Street has been reincarnated as Gabrieles  and getting rave reviews. But at these prices, I’ll wish them well and stay well away. I can travel to NYC and be ripped off by Smith and Wolensky’s for the same tariff.

UPDATE: Of course, now that they’re charging for ice in NYC, you might want to stay right here in town. Or in my case, stay home.


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23 responses to “Gabrieles: $450 for four? Ain’t happening here, fella

  1. Marisa Noel Still A Player

    Why do they Noel and company keep doing this party practice on others nickel? Why it acceptable? Coments?

  2. Fat Cat

    I’ve eaten at Gabrielle’s and it’s quite good. Yes, it’s expensive, but broker took me, so it was well worth it. The place is quite a scene – it was packed to the gills on a Wednesday night with a clientele that consisted of a combination of brokers, hedge funds titans, and rich guys trying to impress their wives. There have been several celebrity sightings (Tony will tell you himself). And I would rather spend $450 on dinner for four than waste a couple of hours sitting in traffic to drive into Manhattan (round trip) and eat at Smith and Wollensky any day. Not to mention that the food at S&W isn’t as good, and you’ll spend $50-60 in parking and tolls!

  3. The heck with Gabriele’s…..did Smith & Wollensky come through and give you gifts cards for another meal…let’s say enough to have a FWIW party there???

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, c’mon, CF: don’t be such an old cheapskate!

    “Steaks actually come with a vegetable garnish equivalent to a mini side dish.” You won’t get that at Smith & Wollensky!

    “What truly sets this concept apart is its ability to please. As lovely as it is, the experience here might just make you forget you’re in Greenwich, much less a steakhouse. It’s a culinary idea that bridges old fashioned and culturally relevant.”

    Who writes this shit anyway? Wendy Logan, apparently, of the Fairfield Weekly.

    So what actual “rave reviews” have you read, CF? The above doesn’t even pretend to be a review at all, just a puff piece.

  5. Cos cobber

    U dont eat out much do u?

  6. Greenwich Old Timer

    Fat Cat’s description of the “scene” at the old Luca’s (“brokers, hedge fund titans, and rich guys trying to impress their wives”) almost made my morning coffee come up. This is precisely why Greenwich old timers (we’ve been in our house 37 years) like us no longer recognize our once-beloved town. Ugh.

  7. Cobra

    Agree, Old Timer. As a 65 year resident of Greenwich, I find the ongoing degeneration of our town to be quite sad. Crass, ostentatious displays of real or “wannabe” wealth have become the norm, from the Northern NJ-style starter castles replacing perfectly fine old structures to the Westchester County and euro-trash lizards who parade up and down Greenwich Avenue sidewalks whenever the sun comes out. I’m sure this blog’s “FWIW” commenter thinks today’s Greenwich is nirvana, populated by Skittle-shitting unicorns (as Shoeless has accurately observed), but I’ll guess that many of those who experienced the Greenwich vibe of decades ago would disagree.

  8. OG Reader

    “The ongoing degeneration of our town” is a reverberation heard from every prior generation and never quite gets it right. Take this snippet from the 1600’s (pulled from,_Connecticut):

    “In 1650, the English and Dutch colonies agreed to boundary lines which put Greenwich back under the control of the New Haven Colony. Greenwichites continued to live as they had previously, which drew complaints from some Puritans who said (in a 1656 complaint to colony officials) that the residents ‘live in a disorderly and riotous manner, sell intoxicating liquors to the Indians, receive and harbor servants who have fled their masters, and join persons unlawfully in marriage.'”

    We’re all insignificant on a long enough time scale. The town, our’s for a short time, will persist for future generations of the disorderly and riotous.

  9. Cobra: certainly as a long-time resident, you know that there ARE still reasons to live in Greenwich. Right? Hey, I’m right across the border in Bedford and there are as many crass and ostentatious displays of wealth here as in Greenwich. And old timers here complain Bedford has gone to pot. BUT, take any toney zip code – from Santa Barbara to Vail to Greenwich, old timers complain about the new money. It’s the nature of the wealthy beast.

    The old timers here in Bedford lend themselves to being very active in Town, are completely hands-on as compared to the new ones who don’t want to get their hands dirty and write a check. I find the new ones also have emotional moats around their houses, they don’t mix and mingle at the great places like Target and Carvel. They have their own ice cream fountains at home. But we both know they are losing out on what makes any town vital – the camaraderie of folks joining in on a project or event. That’s what makes a town. I know that still exists in Greenwich, and you do too.

  10. Cos Cobber

    Awww, dont be such downers about this stuff. A while ago I learned to laugh at it all, there is no better way to deal with it. Maybe it is easier for me though, I’ve been here only a little over a decade, so I never saw the good old days.

    btw- For the record, I haven’t been to Gabbys, they dont take Cos Cobbers there. My original point about CF not getting out much still stands. CF, its f*cking greenwich, what do you expect a top flight meal for four to cost? heck it would be over $100 for four to eat at the diner is town w/adult drinks. 🙂

  11. Greenwich Gal

    Cobra and Old Timer – I’m feeling your pain. But truly, the changes you are seeing in Greenwich are not just reflective of this town but of our society as a whole. So – it isn’t just what is happening to Greenwich. George Will writes often about the “coarsening” of our culture and indeed that is the truth. Just look at what passes for entertainment these days. “The Real Housewives of NY” and where ever else they film those horrible harridans. Just the existance of The Kardashian clan makes me want to gag – add to that Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan et al…We also have to exist with that horrible Disney-esque house up on North Street just before the Merritt – I call it the “Kardashian Kastle” because it so reflects the tastelessness of what is happening right now – all faux style and little substance.
    As for the restaurant, I have yet to try it. I applaud it if indeed they have created a classic, quality steakhouse. Also – would you not rather support a local family than that national chain, Morton’s? Greenwich has very little fine dining to be the upscae town that it is. So, kudos to Gabrieles. A great restaurant is a special experience and every town needs at least one.

  12. Cos Cobber

    Excellent points made by Greenwich Gal. I couldn’t agree more. I laugh at the castles and cars sported in town to flaunt wealth, but what passes for entertainment these days does make me cry.

  13. anon

    At least they made the place into a nice restaurant instead of turning it into some spec condo project. I miss Manero’s

  14. anon

    I have always been amazed that a town like Greenwich can get away with having such mediocre restaurants. They are all just ok and overpriced. Can’t think of one that I would look forward to returning to. Generally go to Mortons in Stamford for a good steak. If Gabriele’s is that good, it can only be a positive for Greenwich.

  15. Anonimo

    Oh c’mon…The new Greenwich is far more diverse and still the richest town in America. That’s a good thing right? Stop complain about the old days. I can’t wait to go to Gabriele’s, park my Maybach outside and eat with my beautiful Argentinian wife.

  16. Greenwich Gal

    Greenwich is NOT the richest town in America – that distinction goes to Rancho Santa Fe, CA. We aren’t even the richest town in CT! New Canaan gets that…

  17. anon

    oh please, enough talk about the “old greenwich”. the people in town that i know that are “old greenwich” have their parents paying for their kids to go to school and for everything else, and feel good about themselves bc their granddad was successful. i think this would be a very boring town of people who hadn’t accomplished much if we didnt’ have new people moving to town. “the old greenwich” was a town full of wealthy families as well, the difference being that they didn’t rely soley on their parents good name and fortune and do nothing of worth themselves. thank GOD there are new people in town now. How boring would this town be, with a generation that isn’t driven to be successful on their own merit unless they have to. It’s sad. I’m not impressed.

  18. Anonimo

    Greenwich gal: Rancho santa fe is a Hollywood town and they are like 5 people. Not classy. G-town is a city. Median household income doesn’t have a clue.
    And what about this old Greenwich thing substance? that substance had a name: Gin. At least we know more about wine now.

  19. GWChase

    One answer is La Bretagne. A good meal, couple glasses of wine and a shared dessert for under $100. Good food; fine service and nice people – it’s a win win and reminds me of the “old” Greenwich.

  20. Greenwich Old Timer

    Please note: not all Greenwich “old timers” inherited wealth/trust funds. My husband and I worked hard and spent almost all of our disposable income raising and educating our two sons, and didn’t start to accumulate a “nest egg” until they were out of their expensive Ivy League college. The problem here is not necessarily “new” money: it’s that indefinable thing called “class” – as in classy behavior – and the lack thereof.

  21. Greenwich Gal

    Anonimo – When Forbes did their study of the wealthiest towns in the U.S. they did not just study “classy” towns. Sorry. The numbers are what they are, as it should be. “Just the Facts, maam…”

  22. anon

    i agree it’s about class. but the people i know that grew up in greenwich have no more class than anyone else. it’s not a greenwich issue, it’s a cultural issue- people in general do not have the same values they used to have. Whether you have new money or old money doesn’t really relate to having class and what your value system is. money doesn’t buy class- no matter where that money comes from.