I’m not sure this was wise

The University of Connecticut lost $2 million sending its football team to the Fiesta Bowl this year while the bowl organizers partied with strippers and whores. If the kids got to join in the fun, fine; it seems though, that we tax payers got the bill while the “fiesta Bowl folks had all the fun. That’s typical, I suppose.


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3 responses to “I’m not sure this was wise

  1. Old School Grump

    This story is so incoherent it is hard to give it credence. It doesn’t even say who conducted the investigation. I thought Business Insider was better than this.

  2. Swing Trader

    That’s the way the world works. But you knew that….

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    I can certainly relate to having a blast on OPM. That is “Other People’s Money” in case you need crib notes.
    But these guys were PIKERS I SAY!! And that really pisses me off. You have to do it properly.
    How does anyone piss away $33,000 on a BIRTHDAY PARTY and only blow $1,300 at a strip club? Are they frigging kidding me? They are doing it totally ass backwards, for Pete’s Sake. $1,300 at a strip club won’t even buy you a decent lap dance. So instead of spending the $33k on hotties with giant bazoomba’s and having a blast, what did they do, piss it away on party hat’s and pony rides?
    They should all be locked up.
    Your Pal,