Atlas Shrugged showing April 15th?

Meet up for a movie? I emailed a friend who owns Bow Tie Cinema on Rail Road Avenue and while he’s unwilling to risk  showing the film as a stand-alone show, he’ll rent out part of the place. Hell, I’ll put up the money for this. Rent the place out maybe move across the street to the Cos Cob Revolver and Rifle Club, and then dinner at Will Morton’s Rotisserie. You guys game? Let me know,


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35 responses to “Atlas Shrugged showing April 15th?

  1. Cos Cobber

    I would love too, but I must remain anonymous. If the democrats learn I am Peter Berg, they will be oh so upset.

  2. The movie is getting alot of press, even has its own website, asking visitors to “like” them on Facebook and Tweet about it; there’s even a place to ask your local theater to run it. Here’s the official trailer.

    This movie might be too deep for a gal who got tossed out of the prestigious Colorado Woman’s College! 🙂

  3. Luke Gardner

    I’m up for it

  4. Cobra

    I’m there, especially if the Cos Cob Rifle & Pistol Club and Will Morton’s are on the itinerary. I’d quite enjoy either, but both? Lucky Strike Extra!

  5. FlyAngler

    What a great idea! 😉

    Count Mrs. Fly and me in if you can pull it off, maybe even a couple of the youngins. If you can get a confirmed showing, I am sure your readership and a viral email campaign could produce quite the spontaneous turnout. Now that I think about it, I could probably get 20 people there myself, maybe more. Given the nearest confirmed theater is in Fairfield or NYC, you could draw quite a few people with a little word of mouth. Especially if you and Fudrucker were to debate the merits of selfishness vs altruism over pints afterward. However, I am not sure the CCRRC would welcome such an unruly crowd afterward given excitable people and guns don’t mix well.

    Not sure who organized the Greenwich Town Hall Tea Party back in 2009 but if you can contact that person, I am sure they have a mailing list of parties that would likely be interested in this movie.

    Chris, I think you are on to something here….

  6. Helsa Poppin

    Sure, why not. Good way to celebrate Tax Day.

  7. dollarbill

    All hail, you Rand-ian Masters of the Universe, you noble and self-sacrificing John Galts! Shall I invite the Billionaires for Bush people along? Perhaps you can trade bon mots about the horrible fate the Richie riches face these days, laboring under the weight of high taxes, while the greedy and parasitic lower classes suck you under, with their undeserved pensions and unseemly desire for living wages. What gall these uppity parasites have! Oh, how Ayn, if she were alive today, would sympathize with your plight!

  8. Old Coot

    If you can guarantee that Walt will be there, I’d consider flying East.

  9. Deb

    Jeeze….I’m half way thru the book…I better get reading.

  10. IDAHO

    Is Walt going to do 5 minutes of stand up too? That would fill the house!

  11. Just the Facts!

    I’m in. FYI…Mo Thomas ( organized the Tea Party in Greenwich/Stamford. Also, nix the CCR&RC idea. I support the idea but we are a non-politically aligned Club. Only sanctioned Club monthly meetings have had political speakers. Not sure a Tea Party Tax Revolt around guns is the right kind of message to be sending out….especially given the anti-gun sentiment flying around Hartford while they try to ban high capacity magazines. JTF!

  12. Anonymous

    Ayn Rand, John Galt, Atlas Shrugged, Aldous Huxley, Mustapha Mond, Brave New World, George Orwell, Winston Smith, 1984: they’re all dead. Let’s skip the movie, raise a glass to them all at Will Morton’s and enjoy the spare ribs, pulled pork and ethereal baked beans.

  13. pulled up in OG

    No need to rush, Deb. It’s only part one of three.

  14. Shoeless

    Pamela and I are in.

  15. MJ

    The movie is supposed to be awful – but I’d still come.

  16. edgewater

    damn… if i didn’t already have a non-refundable ticket to fly out west to meet my son, i’d be there.

  17. stephen james

    any updates on the real Walt – is he going down the same flight of stairs as the Wilpons or will he get away “scot-free”..

  18. Peg

    I read Atlas Shrugged in high school. Stayed up all night so I could plow through it in one sitting. The movie may be lousy, but the book was enthralling.

    Love to come for the opening, but have a work appointment that day 😦 I’ll have to hold out for the next scheduling of Chinese dinner instead, I’m afraid!

  19. Sump Pump

    Wish I could be there, but I’ll be out of town that weekend. Please schedule more meet ups… one of these days, I hope to meet some of the FWIW personalities in-person.

  20. FlyAngler

    dollarbill – I will buy your ticket for Shrugged if you buy my ticket for the screen adaptation of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” or any of Obama’s books ghost-written by Bill Ayers.

    MJ – Where did you read it is “supposed to be awful”, at Huffington Post, Firedog Lake or via MSNBC? The only groups that it has been privately screened for are those who would have an afinity toward the subject and the reviews I have read from them have been good to great. Some have been guarded but not a single one has been “awful”. Glad to see you are willing to try it anyway.

  21. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke = In

  22. Georgie in Greenwich

    Georgie: In

  23. ilsa

    CF Kinda ironic dont you think??

  24. FlyAngler

    Peg – You plowed through a single night to finish it in one sitting?! Seriously, Shrugged is 1100 to 1200 pages depending on the type size and format and I recall taking at least a couple of days to “plow through it”. As a reference point, the full audio CD is over 60 hours. Do we assume you are an Evelyn Wood graduate and drank a gallon of Maxwell House as well?

  25. The Duke of Deception

    cf – this seems impossible to The Duke and he is quite a fast reader himself, but if you say so. The last book The Duke read without putting it down was “The Last Convertible”. Before that, “Great Expectations”.

  26. Peg

    Birds of a feather, Christopher.

    I’m extremely fortunate to be able to read at quite the fast clip – with reasonably decent comprehension. Plus – when you are in the midst of Atlas Shrugged, leaving before the finish line would be like leaving before Secretariat did the last 20 seconds of the race……..

  27. dollarbill

    The ultimate dunderheaded Rand-ite Alan Greenspan, proving how wrong Rand’s disciples continue to be…Felix Salmon has the goods…

  28. Bill

    Here’s the only review I’ve seen of the movie written by an Objectivist:

  29. Greenwich Gal

    No Way!…CF you and Peg have to be fibbing. No way you can finish that book in one night. I’m with Fly Angler.

  30. MJ

    Actually from someone really inside the AR estate. They are upset at who made it and how it was cast. They sold it to someone they wanted to make it – but then those folks sold the rights to someone else.

  31. MCG

    Is this showing happening? If so, I’ll be there.