InstaPundit sums up our worst (to now) ex-President

Come 2012, of course, he’ll have competition

PAR FOR THE COURSE: Jimmy Carter leaves Cuba without jailed US contractor.

Former President Jimmy Carter left Cuba on Wednesday without gaining the release of a U.S. government contractor jailed the past 16 months, a deflating end to what was otherwise a groundbreaking visit.

Carter spent hours talking about improving ties with brothers Raul and Fidel Castro, describing the latter as an “old friend.”

Jeez. And we probably have decades of similar stuff to look forward to once Barack Obama is an ex-president.

Much more on Carter’s beclownment here.


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2 responses to “InstaPundit sums up our worst (to now) ex-President

  1. Anon

    Carter is the happiest man in America since Obummer’s astonishing feat of establishing himself as the worst post WWII President – taking the tittle away from Carter just two years into his term. While Carter remains a national embarrassment, I would bet that the Community Organizer’s dismissal from office in 2012 will mark the begining of his plan to make some real money by pretending to be a capitalist and proponent of free enterprise.

  2. Old Fart

    Just listened to an interview with one of the American hostages held in Iran for 444 days. He was a then 22 year old Marine Guard who was ordered to stand down when the Iranians took the American Embassy. He was forced to play Russian roulette, taken out for mock firing squads and was allowed outdoors only 7 out of the 444 days.

    Makes we want to go down to Georgia and take Carter behind the woodshed.