Luckless bastard

Back when I shared law offices with Jeremy Kaye and Phil Russell, I bought the occasional Lottery ticket when  the pool raised to an excitable  level among the secretaries. Not that I thought I’d win – it’s a fools’ game, but I didn’t want to be seen as some grumpy statistician, so I just shut up and tossed in a buck. This guy didn’t. and lost out, big. On Monday, he was the only of his seven-team IT group to show up for work – everyone else could, and did, quit.


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2 responses to “Luckless bastard

  1. Fred2

    Ya, I always particpated too.

    Cheap fun, and besides, who wants to be last SOB left in the office with all the phones ringing?

  2. stump

    I’ve always wondered why the proles and underclass get excited when the jackpot hits, say, $250 million, when their lives would be changed just as much by winning a measly $75 million or so.