Obummer’s War

Obama has his war and John Kerry has signed on, so when it all goes to Hell, The Massachusetts war vet  will  have a hard time denying he was for it before he was against it. Obama will just vote “present” as he skates away. Can we afford a third war?  And what happens when Iran attacks?


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14 responses to “Obummer’s War

  1. LLS2

    eh ? Iran attacks what ??

    I am more concerned with the nuclear disaster over in Japan.

    the likes of which this world has not seen.

    There is enough spent fuel there and breached reactor cores to make chernobyl look like child’s play.

  2. just_looking

    @CF, no, LLS2 is correct. Wait and you will eventually see as the facts slip out.

  3. dollarbill

    10 days ago, CF was criticizing Obummer for not taking action, while the French (mon dieu) were out front, and the rebels were in retreat. Now that the Pres has taken action, (an action which I oppose) and the rebels have (somewhat) rebounded, you got it: CF is still lampooning him! No wonder the right can’t be trusted with national security!

  4. Old Fart

    John Kerry is the definition of hypocrite.

  5. JDinBkln

    I get the feeling that no matter what the President does, some people will criticize his every move.

    If had had taken no action in Libya, he’s spineless. If he joins other nations around the world in instituting a no-fly zone, he’s not a leader. If we have CIA operatives on the ground, he’s leading us into a war somehow comparable to what Bush did in Iraq.

    It’s easy to judge from your couch, I suppose.

    • The trouble I have with Obama, JdinBkln, is that he dithered. He said five different things on Libya, had his representatives say five other, different things, and then seems to have jumped in with no plan at all. What happens if KDaffy doesn’t leave? Hope is not a strategy.

  6. Who to believe?

    How long is the half life of radioactive iodine? Emit radiation?

    I’m all for war, just not this new one. I think it’s a mistake. Another mistake.
    The BBC world news is clearly blaming the US for the airstrikes.
    Did Obama give back the peace prize yet?

  7. LLS2

    hey “who to believe”;

    do you think iodine 131 is the only fissile product that fukushima 1-6 are emitting ?

    do your own research.

    i am not really worried about US contamination. although i think it was stupid for POTUS to go an tee-vee and tell everyone that we would not get any radiation from japan.

  8. LLS2

    CF: why did you delete my response ?

    who to believe:

    go do your own research. there are many different types of fissile products created by nuclear fission. i would suggest you do your own research.

    iodine 131’s half life is about 8 days, and in about 80 days or so it doesn’t present much of a problem for infants/pregnant mothers. Yet, when an adult is treated w/ radioactive iodine they are not recommended to get pregnant for about 6 months because there is no way to know if the low levels will affect fetal development.

    i am not worried about iodine 131 here in the USA. I am worried that the japanese government is covering up this disaster.

  9. LLS2

    oh, and, don’t forget the I 131 is being emitted constantly. it’s like a fire. not an xray or airplane flight or CT scan.

    other isotopes to check out:

    Sr 90: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strontium-90

    Ce 137: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesium-137

    who knows what spraying salt water onto reactor vessels has done. but I don’t think the GE manual called for that kind of procedure.

  10. Lls2

    Typical of a conservative to be ignorant of scientific matters.