“So typical”, says Peter Tesei.

India and Pakistan are playing for the (for them) defining cricket  World Cup match while Frank and Cathy Fudrucker are off sipping tea in far-away Ceylon,with Fudrucker swishing an idle bat at the occasional cricket ball. Tesei,  reached by FWIW’s Scusie, was furious.

“Outrageous!  He claims to be a world leader and he’s marooned at  one of  the satellites of the World Cup? The man has lost all credibility to lead Greenwich! Why, if I knew where those two wogs were meeting, at wherever the hell their match is, “I’d be there, eating cucumber/ cobra sandwiches and discussing investing in Greenwich – you can count on that!  Fudrucker is simply abandoning his responsibilities here. You just wait until the Greenwich croquet season opens – then you’ll see the difference between Republians  and Demmerkrats.”


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8 responses to ““So typical”, says Peter Tesei.

  1. Georgie in Greenwich

    Today, you can’t tell the difference between Tesei the so-called Republican and your partner friend, FF Demmerkrauts. Spend, spend, spend….and tax the hell out of the rich, money grubbing capitalistic pigs. At least FF and his ilk are unabashed in their philosophy for a redistribution of wealth….Tesei in the interest of re-election fakes fiscal discipline and then proposes spending like a guy who just won the lottery. So who cares which major party holder wins office in this Town—they are one and the same. No wonder there is a need for third party voices.

  2. Cos Cobber

    After reading the tour of comparable auditoriums from our neighboring towns, i’m back in the camp of we should build the auditorium. Our facilities are absolutely subpar. We have the lowests property taxes in the state and perhaps in all of NE, we can afford this project.


    Lets push off the central firehouse project a few more years; say 5 more years and move ahead with the auditorium.

    I’m still baffled by the high constr costs. Wish we could find a way to trim it some, without giving up size and features. These $100 per hr union labor rates hurt.

    Signed- Cos Cobber – cheapo Republican – most of the time.

  3. Old School Grump

    Idle curiosity here … Why is the current HS auditorium so sub par? Poor design, poor construction, some corners cut? If there’s one thing that doesn’t become obsolete, it is acoustics.

  4. dollarbill

    Mirabile dictu, I find myself in complete agreement with Cos Cobber. Tesei has shown himself to be a pillar of Jello on MISA, publicly supporting it, while privately telling town Republicans he’s opposed. What a hypocrite! I wonder how many of the Rethuglicans on the BET have (or had) kids in the public schools. The BET should stop dithering on MISA and build it: borrowing costs have never been lower, and they will only be higher when the time comes to revisit the project. It’s the only fair thing. Of course, we can afford it. Not to build it is an insult to our community and to our children, who are laboring in subpar facilities, as CC rightly states. But for Rethugs with kids in private schools, what do they care? Their attitude towards the rest of us remains: let them eat cake. Why do the rich hate America?

  5. Georgie in Greenwich

    Hey Cos Cobber and dollarbill,

    As you dither and dather on your Lincoln Center Light auditorium….CT businesses move out. One of the state’s fast growing companies, Precision Camera, announced yesterday its moving from CT to Texas and Mexico. You see—people don’t take to the streets—they just move out. Unlike our current government, ordinary businesses and residents have to live within their means—and do what’s best for their shareholders and long term future. No one denies a renovated auditorium—but a $32 million one and paid with debt that crowds out future essential spending is ludicrous. Just look at our neighbor, Stamford, that can’t even keep its own frick’n library funded.

    Please, I sure hope you don’t show hypocricy in future emails on the terrible tax burden you have to carry when your condoning spending and debt at these levels.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Georgie, I take it you dont read my posts. I probrably have written more posts on the subject of CT’s uncompetitive taxes than anyone but CF. This isnt about statewide income taxes, regulation and all that, its about what we need to do to maintain an attractive public school facility right here in the town of Greenwich with our own town property taxes.

    Referencing an out of town camera company makes little sense relative to Greenwich where no one works in manufacturing. This is a finance town, with a high density of households with advanced degrees that is increasing all the time. If we want to remain attractive to those super high paying finance jobs, we need to have a reputable public school facility, both in terms of the tangible and schooling itself. We are not worst, but we are hardly first..or second, more like third.

    People in this community like both low taxes and prudent public investment. That said, isnt obvious when you look at our public school facilities and compare them to other similar communities our facilities are well behind the curve?

    Now, I’m not advocating that we spend gazillions to catch up and out do New Canaan, Darien and our Westchester neighbors, but we do need to do some things to keep in a distant third place and not fall to the bottom like a stone.

    I still dont understand why this project costs what it does. Its absolutely absurd. A few years ago we built the Hamilton Ave elementary school on a complicated site with a parking garage for a similar cost. The Hamilton school is absolutely beautiful; new ready to serve the community for another 50 or 75 years. But how could this auditorium cost almost the same; it doesnt seem right.

    Push off the fire station project another 5 years; to me that would be prudent mgmt for the town. In the meantime, they can play with the firestation design so when we are ready to pay for it, we actually have a design.

    One auditorium project is not going to sink this battleship. We still running a disciplined town. What would be crazy is to follow through with both projects now.

  7. Georgie in Greenwich

    Cos Cobber—you speak from both sides of your mouth, which unfortunately, is true for many in this tax and spend debate.

    In case you are unaware: Greenwich residents pay more property taxes per capita than any other Town in CT….don’t confuse tax RATE (the mill rate)with actual taxes paid from income. The tax rate is low because of our billion grand list. And, the majority in this Town are not Wall Street honchos…thus, the income paid toward property taxes does have impact to the average person’s wallet.

    What is remarkable is that Greenwich has boat loads of money coming in….yet, we just remarkably spend MORE than we take in.

    I agree with you that a lot of our infrastructure sucks in this town—many of the elementary/middle schools are ready for upgrades if not outright rebuilds. Outside of the schools—just look from the essential such as fire station or Natnaniel Witherell to the non essential: dilipidated Eastern Civic Center or Byram Pool. But—yet we are spending like bandits….at nearly $400 million next year.

    So, where is the money being spent….I suspect as many other CT Towns—in the bloated Town employee workforce and rich compensation packages—for active and retired workers. Since we have a weak leader in Tesei who doesn’t say it as it is—that WE CAN’T DO BOTH—provide Rolls Royce personnel AND tackle neglected capital projects—-what do you get….higher taxes and HUGE runup in debt so it can be hid for a future politician to worry about.

    BTW, I take issue with your notion that a firehouse which has people living day in and day out and work is stressful and labor intensive is the same as a music auditiorium.

    So, you may think a business leaving CT has no relationship to Greenwich—-you would be wrong—not only is it essential tax revenue for the state to be used in the General Fund—but what hell of a message it sends to other businesses looking to move in. (BTW, the state funds pay a good chunk of coin to Greenwich for our schools, nursing homes, etc. )

    My friend, we are not in a bubble here…its all an organic eco system that has shared mutual destruction. Given the combo of Malloy and Tesei—it certain to happen that this state continues to rank as one of the worst states to start a business and population loss makes the situation even worse.

    I hope you enjoy that symphony music in your grand new high school auditorium.

  8. Cos Cobber

    Georgie, we are more in agreement than not, so dont sound so angry here.

    Yes, we do have a bloated town workforce. So lets tackle that as a separate issue from capital improvements. To me, they are wholly separate matters.

    I dont see any company moving to lower fairfield county that doesnt rely on a highly educated and discerning workforce seeking great public schools. At some point, and I think we are listing closer to that point than we care to admit, we risk falling way behind our surrounding communities if we dont make investments from time to time in our public school infrastructure. I have not seen all our public school facilities, but if this is most pressing project as ranked by those who should know, then I think its looks like a good idea. If not, those who are in the know, please speak up.

    We should have the schools that match our home values or else our home values will erode and/or we’ll be in for a shocking set of repair bills 20 years from now when deferred maintence finally catches up. Replacing the old auditorium is taking a chunk out of that future repair bill.

    Around my office, greenwich public schools are viewed with increasing skeptism. Relocating the hedge fund / finance company becomes all the more logical to Wilton, Westport and other locales if enough key people in the office are dissapointed. Attracting the best employment talent matters, particularly in finance and tech. That is why companies still pay absurd rents and taxes to be in mid-town manhattan or CA. Those same companies maintain offices here in the suburbs for those who prefer our schools, larger homes and easier way of life. The schools again matter.

    Correct, the entire economy cannot be based on finance jobs. Here in Greenwich however, we are just 62k people in a state of 3.5 million. Like or or not the only real employment in this town is in finance/global or national HQs/marketing and real estate development (national and international). Nearly all other jobs in town are in support of the aforementioned. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but just a few (the Post Road Iron works comes to mind – Blue Sky Studios as well).

    Therefore, schools matter. If you want to argue there are more worthy school projects; fire away, I’m likly to be persuaded.