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I’ve been tempted to do this myself, but geeze

Citibank  kills complaining customer. Wowser


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Fences coming back?

So they say. Seems like a lot of work to me. And vinyl? Ugh.


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Open house observations

It’s Thursday, so I was prowling around the eastern side (east of North Street) side of town, I saw one house that I thought might – might – go for $1.495  but, better, $1.295 (I try to guess the prices without looking at the open house sheet). No, this one’s asking $1.995 – what am I supposed to do with that? I have angry readers who demand that I sell their houses for what they want, goddamnit it, but honestly, it can’t be done. Buyers aren’t as stupid as sellers  think they are.

Further down  in Riverside, I saw a wonderful  house that I’d leave exactly the way it is, even though it’s being priced as a land sale. But I was struck by the new broker’s comment that they were leaving the price where it had been with the previous broker because “‘the sellers received several offers close to the asking price”. So why the F**K didn’t you take one of those offers, you knuckleheads??!! You lose out on six months of investment income, you’ll have to keep your house in showroom condition for the same period and run the risk that the market will run against you. You have a great new broker – none better – but the market is the market. If someone offers close to your asking price, start talking, keep the deal  moving and close that sale.


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I forgot to follow this

India beat Pakistan in cricket, or maybe it was  the other way around. Fudrucker was there to cheer on the winning (or losing) team, while Peter Tesei was there in spirit, but uncertain who to root for. Whatever.

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It’s class warfare

Wisconsin police union enforcing boycott of store owners. Fire them all.


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Quick sales

6 West Lane (way north, off of Bedford Road) came on January 20 of this year at $8.5 million and is under contract.

36 Brookridge, a brother Gideon listing, was priced at $2.999 February 2 and it, too, has a contract.

10 Winding Lane, Rene Gallagher, listed at $2.5 million December 16, dropped quickly to $2.395, and is selling.

Randy Kelleher listed 21 Chapel Lane in Riverside at $1.575 on March 3 and already has a buyer.

So yes, the market is active – you just need the right price.


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Mission Creep

We started with air control, then progressed to bombing Libyan army units, now we have the CIA on the ground. Is this really where we want to go?


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