Fences coming back?

So they say. Seems like a lot of work to me. And vinyl? Ugh.


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14 responses to “Fences coming back?

  1. Our neighbor installed an 8′ high, about 60 or 80 foot long, shiny white PVC sheet fence between our houses last spring. I can’t imagine this will EVER catch on, since everyone comments on how hideous it is.

  2. stump

    Our shitty neighbors had what seemed to be a wicker fence around their pool. It looked like something they might have bought at Pier One. Fortunately, the snowstorms ruined it.

  3. heimreich

    just picture old man anselmo, with sledge hammer in hand…………..

  4. Oh stump, if that ever happened to our neighbors’ piece of crap fence they would just unroll some silver electrical tape and patch it up.

  5. IDAHO

    Vinyl fence, “The look of wood”… Yah Right!!

  6. Patrick


    Are you sure that the fence is 8feet high? I didn’t think they made 8 foot vinyl fences….If it’s 8feet high you can ask to have it removed since it violates town code.

  7. Greenwich doesn’t have a fence ordinance? In Bedford a permit is required and there are height restrictions. Sadly, there’s no taste arbiter to avoid having a neighbor select vinyl.

  8. It is over my head by a lot. As for code, drive past for a whiff of some super stinky, too small, front yard paddock with electrical fence! Honestly I don’t think they are aware of town code unless they are just ignoring it on purpose. These aren’t bad people–maybe just frugal, so I don’t want to offend them and cause an unnecessary fight. The fence sure is ugly though.
    I think it was some sort of sheet picked up at the home depot for a dollar a piece. Literally. It is solid sheet plastic from top to bottom. One day some of their friends came over and started digging and it was done in a few hours.

  9. PS to Idaho,
    PVC fencing is such a hot topic. I also think it is in general hideous nastiness to have a post and rail PVC border, but the maintenance is quite low (the only positive IMO).
    Apparently you can put up a traditional wood fence and use a PVC spray so it is still absolutely a wood fence in appearance but has the elemental protection and maintenance free benefits you would get from the other. But how many cans would it take to cover four acres plus of fencing? Enough spent there to replace the rotted wood many times, I would think.

  10. dogwalker

    Karen, In terms of catching on, unfortunately there are places even in the back country with vinyl fencing, where you would think they could afford better. Ghastly.

  11. shelton1904

    Vinyl fencing is actually more expensive than wood – I know because I have a vinyl fence and thanks for all the insults – snobs over nothing if you ask me

  12. Dog walker, I am in back country. And you are right!
    Shelton, taking things a bit personally, aren’t you? I am sure yours is fine, Let’s not get into name calling.
    My feeling is why would anyone build or buy a great house only to surround it with something so cheap, really and truly crappy, that your kids might use it to toboggan on a snowy day. THAT is what I am looking at, not the high end stuff you see in VA horse country. this has nothing to do with snobbery. Crappy fencing exists in all materials. There are also bad wooden fences. And let’s not forget chain link. If that makes me a snob, I guess I am then, but I’m not going to apologize for personal preference.

  13. Anonymous

    Have you ever asked an in town mason to build you a stone wall for your house?

    When you do, then you will realize why people are putting vinyl fencing.

  14. IDAHO

    8 wire ( 2 electric ) New Zealand, smooth wire fence on wood posts works for me , but I don’t imagine the neighbors in Back Country Greenwich would go for that!