Quick sales

6 West Lane (way north, off of Bedford Road) came on January 20 of this year at $8.5 million and is under contract.

36 Brookridge, a brother Gideon listing, was priced at $2.999 February 2 and it, too, has a contract.

10 Winding Lane, Rene Gallagher, listed at $2.5 million December 16, dropped quickly to $2.395, and is selling.

Randy Kelleher listed 21 Chapel Lane in Riverside at $1.575 on March 3 and already has a buyer.

So yes, the market is active – you just need the right price.


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6 responses to “Quick sales

  1. Gideon Fountain

    Wait, wait , WAIT…are you saying that the PRICE of the real estate has some effect on how long it takes to sell??

  2. KrazyKat

    Add 17 Wyckham Hill Lane to the list (you can find that date and price).

  3. faulty logic

    Did 22 Tomac really just increase its ask by $700,000?

    • That’s a local realtor — a friend of mine and a really nice guy – who seems to have odd ideas about pricing his house. It goes up. it goes down, but it won’t sell. My guess is that the house has never hit the low price that will move the place, but the seller obviously disagrees. So up it goes.

  4. Shoeless

    Foote is a few cards short of a full deck.

  5. Newbie

    I wonder what 17 Wyckham Hill went for. I know it was listed at 3.395
    It is on the North side of the street I believe, so it should probably command more than 8 Wyckham Hill, is that right? Nice looking home, i drove by it but apparently it sold quickly??