Walter Noel

This is not news I want to hear- it’s fun to pick on crooks, of course, but I really don’t wish ill on anyone, even a fool like Walt.

Submitted on 2011/04/01 at 6:21 pm

Inside sources have told my uncle that Mr. Noel was admitted last week at a NYC hospital and was found to have terminal cancer of the pancreas and has lost considerable weight, inoperable, and he is depressed and refusing everything except palliative care so he is going to a hospice. Sad story. Please do not kick this horse while he’s down


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  1. Good news...bad news department

    Mr. Noel has found the key to eternal life…having the chance to read about himself and his family almost daily and being the subject of this blog as an on-going side-item spoof by Mr. Fountain and his readers.

    You just can’t put a good man down. No matter how horrible the blogs, Walter Noel will always rise above it.

    April Fool is once a year. Madoff made Fools of many for years. I think Noel & Company got caught up in money-madness and made fools of themselves. Money is the root of all evil. Live long and prosper Noel’s.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Totally not true. April Fools joke. And the line about kicking a horse while it is down? Not funny and low brow. You loser. I see what you did, trying to be funny. Slacker.
    Now, if you wanted to do some jokes about my uni brow? That is the high ground. But leave the 5 fillys out of it. They have done no wrong. So don’t make them have the long face.
    When I die, they will need three caskets. One for me and two for my eye brows. I am the male Joan Crawford, and I take pride in that.
    Plus, when I go, it is only you and Hiram. For eternity. Think about it Dude. Hell on frigging earth. How is that for payback Dude? Even I wouldn’t wish that on you. The thought of it makes me want to go to the Eternal Land right now!!
    So no worries Dude. I am fine. I can still ride Monica like a broken pony, whenever I want. And every day, I have more fun than a tub full of tits.
    How you doing?
    Your Pal,

  3. April Foooooools (Noel) Joke

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time. Madoff will be remembered forever. And Walter will be the butt of that financial joke unfortunately forever.

    Hey Monica, can you publish that recipe of yours for the famous Lintzer Tort?

  4. Inagua

    Save your sympathy for his victims. Walt is much more than a fool. He is a greedy, unrepentent fraud. His death will just make it more difficult for his victims to get anything back. This man has over $300 million of others peoples money, much of it untaxed in the British Virgin Islands.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m with CF, I don’t wish that kind of death on anyone really. If Walt’s lost weight it’s been in the last two months, this pic is from 1/20/11 at the NY Winter Antiques Show.

  6. Cruel Fool Prank

    Walter is nothing more than a money hungry fool like all of you. Walter is laughing all the way to the off-shore bank. His dream, like his son-in-clawback Andres Piedrahita, is to live better than his client. I don’t think he could give a damn what anyone says. He’s living on easy street till he dies.

  7. Mark Twain says

    News of Noel’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Now, if memory serves me correct, I need to get to Shinnecock for the first golf outing of the season.
    Or do I have Alzheimer’s this week? Noel is a walking disease of the month club.
    Anything to throw the creditors off the scent of my money or Monica’s crotch where the real money is hidden!

  8. anonymous

    I saw Walt walking on Round Hill Road last Tuesday afternoon…looked healthy enough…for what it’s worth…

  9. Heather

    “Behind every fortune lies a hidden crime” – Honore de Balzac –
    In the end…Walter Noel will never die. Time erases where the money comes from in a family…the only thing that matters is that the money is there. Walter will be loved by future generations of his family. He’ll be the family “rascal” who set them all up. He is fighting a great rear-guard action; Lord knows he has the money to do so. Even if they take 50% or 60% of the billions….look at what will be left (and,as has been pointed out by many, the loot hidden on the islands, Switzerland, South America, etc.). No, Walter will never die. His family will toast him for generations and laugh at the suckers who invested with him, trusted him, and in the end were suckered by him. Walt is smarter than Bernie Madoff. He’ll never go to jail and he’ll end up with millions/billions….and the everlasting adoration of his family…..for generations! Walt is timeless………….