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Henry Kissinger reviews a new biography of Otto Von Bismark

Not as insightful as I might have hoped for but still, one statesman looking at another is fascinating. And I haven’t read the biography itself  yet, which seems to hold great promise.


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Butler wins – go UConn! – but how cool is this?

Congresswoman Giffords is on the phone regularly with the young intern who just may have saved her life.


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Someone’s always complaining

Orthodontist receives 31 lbs.of pot, calls cops.


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Four fans stay awake, see India beat Sri Lanka in cricket final

No word whether Fudrucker was one of the four. Reached for comment, First Selectman Tesei was reported busy with an exterminator and unable to come to the phone.

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Can’t always get what you want: 16 Halsey sold, renovated, for $939,000 in 2005 and was put back up for sale in 2007 at $1.225. Last asking price, four long  years later, was $795, and it has a contract.


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26 Cobb Island

This was a house I liked a lot, even though it’s got I-95 noise. Sold for $2.850 in ’02, tried for $4.850 in ’09, just sold for $3.850.

55 Londonderry

I’m surprised this house at 55 Londonderry sold so low. It was a very nice house, in great shape, with an excellent pool, but it started at $2.750 a year ago, which I didn’t think was crazy, and only  just sold, for $2.175.

16 Benjamin, not one of my favorite homes, sold for $3.6 million, which sort of surprised me, but it sold new in 2006 for $4.365, so I guess the seller held out.

10 Andrews sold new in 2008 for $4.850 in 2008 (after asking $6.495) and just resold for $3.945.

And rounding the week up, 24 Palmer Lane in Riverside asked $1.595 and got $1.595 in mere days.


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Spring returns to Ole’s Creek

 8: 10 Am – first osprey I’ve sighted just soared by. Blue herons are back, too.


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