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And he had nothing to do with setting fire to that paper bag of dog pooh on the Farricker front porch

Peter Tesei declares today Frank Farricker Day. Our First Selectman is scheduled to be released from Silver Hill tomorrow and is expected to be back at work Friday.


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David Janssen, beware

Maine legalizes switchblades for one-armed men.


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An unfortunate picture?

8 St. Claire, OG

The broker open house is tomorrow, so maybe I’m missing something, but this is the worst looking $3.5 million house I’ve seen in my life.


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Yeah, that’s the ticket!

160 John Street

This place, owned by a famous dress designer, started at $39.5 million but didn’t sell, so it was increased to $41 million. It still wouldn ‘t move – go figure – so the owner fired his broker, hired a new one and raised the price to $45 million. If that doesn’t work, watch out: this is gonna cost you $100 million next year. “What, ya think I’m stupid or something?”


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52 Pecksland – short sale?

52 Pecksland Drive

This place sold in a bidding war for $2,000,000 in 1999, and, renovated, for $3,495.000 in 2005. Last listing price was $2.105 in August and is now under contract today.


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Well this had to happen

546 North Street

546 North Street, 5.5 acres in the 2-acre zone, was chopped from $7.995 million in 2008  to just $3.495 last month and is now under contract. My own clients didn’t want ” a project”. Someone else saw a deal.

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Realtors pack heat!

Not in Greenwich, but don’t you ever mess with Jean Ruggiero – she might just as well be armed! : )


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Obummer bans drilling in Gulf of Mexico

But Castro doesn’t.  Advantage, Cuba.


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Stop me before I’m killed again

Fatso 335 lb NYC councilman wants to ban McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Some of us wake up in the morning determined to make a living. Others scheme to interfere with others’ lives.


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Feet of clay

Wisconsin’s Governor Walker appoints donor’s unqualified son to an $81,000 job. Sigh.


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