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Brad Hvolbeck, professional

As I was leaving 8 St. Claire Avenue in Old Greenwich today, I saw Brad Hvolbeck  pulling in. We didn’t speak,  but I was certainly impressed that Brad was checking out the inventory. When I grow up, I want to be like Brad.


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Oscar Wilde: “To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two seems like carelessness”

12 -year-old charged with firing rifle also shot his father three years ago.

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Just so you chumps know

Your exclusive golf clubs have been making the rounds this winter, begging people like me to join, at no cost whatsoever. We’ll be joining y’all on the greens in a few weeks. Hell, I understand that Russ Pruner has resigned  from Innis Arden and will be teeing off at Round Hill next month.I’m surprised your  membership committee hasn’t alerted you to this development.


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Someone ought to say it and I’m already hated …

So I went and saw the $3.5 million 8 St. Claire house today and it’s as preposterously priced as I guessed. “It’s not proper to make fun of another agent’s listing”, snapped an acquaintance, and I respect her professionalism, but when we’re all shaking our heads, why shouldn’t someone say the Emperor has no clothes? I couldn’t care less whether a house uses vegetable dyes on its floors and, in my experience, home buyers don’t either. Someone described this as a “Colorado House”, whatever the hell that means, but the only Coloradoan I know with the bucks to buy this place is John Denver, and he’s dead.


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Here at Ole’s Creek, launching rates remain unchanged

Greenwich country clubs slashing initiation fees.


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I’ll sleep under my car, thanks.

Drug bust at local hotel


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