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I saw this story too, but the Perfesser sums it up better.

From InstaPundit :

CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOL bans homemade lunches. “Principal Elsa Carmona said her intention is to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices.” More and more, it seems like parental malpractice to let your kids go to public schools, where they seem to be viewed as state property, and guinea pigs for social experimentation.


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Pizza returns to Old Greenwich

Assuming you don’t consider Arcuri’s product a “pizza”, and I don’t, we’ve been without a local pizza joint since Beyond Bread closed down its (Friday night only) operation.  Now, Greenwich Time’s publisher reports, a new pizzeria has opened in Beyond Bread’s space and he’s got pictures to prove it.  Looks cramped and sounds expensive and Mr. Millstein doesn’t bother describing how it tastes but I’ll probably try it – there’s no fabulous pizza in this area, but hope springs eternal.

UPDATE: check my later post on their website and the comments of readers who have already eaten here.It sounds like a winner.


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Another somewhat surprising contract

14 Lakeview Drive

14 Lakeview Drive, in the NOPO (north of Post Road) section of Riverside was built in 2007 but had a difficult time finding a buyer. Its highest price during the past four years reached $3.489 in 2009 but that gradually dropped to $2.349 in October, 2010. Now it has a contract, at price unknown. My objection to the house had nothing to do with its quality but rather location in NOPO, the other houses crammed in next to it and the rather fleeting view of the Mianus Pond way down the hill. But in real estate, the right price can cure any objection and I guess the seller found the right price.


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New listing of note

4 Grimes Rd

If you like Shorelands, and I do, this house, built in 2005, 3,600 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms, is probably worth looking at. It’s priced at $2.675 which doesn’t strike me as crazy. I haven’t seen it yet – broker open house is Thursday, but from its description and location, could be a nice buy at somewhere around its asking price.


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Eight executed contracts. Of interest is

36 N. Stanwich

36 N Stanwich, built in 2008 and priced at $10.3 and eventually dropped in July, 2010,  to $7.9. It has a contract now but, given the long wait between its last price drop and now, I’d be surprised to see a full-price sale. Nice house, actually, if a little over the top.


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Eight sales reported Friday and today

39 Clapboard Ridge

39 Clapboard sold for $4.750 in 2000. The owners did nothing to it in the ensuing decade but priced it at $6.750 in January, 2010 and sold it last week for $4.3.

59 Connecticut Avenue

59 Ct. Ave

$4.3 in January 2007 but never sold until last week, when it went for $2.960.


24 Lockwood Ave

24 Lockwood Avenue (Old Greenwich) sold via bidding war in 2004 for $2.251 and just sold again for $2.3. What do I warn you about engaging in bidding wars? At least these folks will come close to breaking even.



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