New listing of note

4 Grimes Rd

If you like Shorelands, and I do, this house, built in 2005, 3,600 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms, is probably worth looking at. It’s priced at $2.675 which doesn’t strike me as crazy. I haven’t seen it yet – broker open house is Thursday, but from its description and location, could be a nice buy at somewhere around its asking price.


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8 responses to “New listing of note

  1. FlyAngler


  2. Anonymous

    I love this house. Construction quality is excellent and it has a great backyard. I bet it goes for ask, or possibly above ask.

  3. Out Looking In

    Isn’t 2 Grimes on the market as well? Something fishy?

  4. CT Tennis Player

    Even though EOS isn’t commenting here anymore, you all have to see her posts today. I’m addicted to her blog but today is over-the-top sensational.
    She told me to start reading FWIW because I’m about to be married and we’re in the market for a house. Don’t get too excited – I’m an elementary school teacher in Greenwich. Got anything cheap?

  5. 4 Grimes was my parents’ first house, a small ranch they bought for $15,000 around 1949.

    Once I had my own family, every year or so I’d drive to OG, park at the elementary school and ride my bike to Shorelands to check out the house.

    Last time, in 2005, it was a hole in the ground. Six weeks later, this thing was in its place. Oh, well.