Pizza returns to Old Greenwich

Assuming you don’t consider Arcuri’s product a “pizza”, and I don’t, we’ve been without a local pizza joint since Beyond Bread closed down its (Friday night only) operation.  Now, Greenwich Time’s publisher reports, a new pizzeria has opened in Beyond Bread’s space and he’s got pictures to prove it.  Looks cramped and sounds expensive and Mr. Millstein doesn’t bother describing how it tastes but I’ll probably try it – there’s no fabulous pizza in this area, but hope springs eternal.

UPDATE: check my later post on their website and the comments of readers who have already eaten here.It sounds like a winner.


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47 responses to “Pizza returns to Old Greenwich

  1. George W. Crossman

    The chicken parmesean and pizza were very good. I make a better spaghetti sauce.

  2. XyzZy

    I like Athens in Stamford.

    • Athens is not bad at all. Back in the day, we’d order a pizza, pick up a Blockbuster video and then either eat at Athens or take a pie home. But “not bad at all” is not “great”.

  3. Single Slices

    I hate when they just sell a whole pie when all you want is a SLICE!

  4. d

    Their pizza is wonderful!! They had a soft opening last week and were giving away margherita pizzas, salads, lasagna, Chicago beef sandwiches. It was fantastic! The adults loved it as much as the kids, probably even more. And the young owner & staff were really friendly and nice.
    Saturday night we went to an adults only dinner at our neighbor’s house in OG and they ordered in pizzas and salads. The fig & prosciutto was to die for, the arugula and tomatoes pizza was fabulous & another one with olives got rave reviews. They have a little work to do on their delivery system, but I think that will come along. A great addition to the town!

  5. Anon

    Amazing that there is no decent pizza 35 miles from NYC where there are scores of first rate sit down and take-out pizza joints. The best I have found is Terra or Tarry Lodge.

  6. Anonymous

    Okay, I’ll bite. What’s a Chicago beef sandwich?

  7. anon

    Their pizza is AMAZING!!! We just went there on sunday night on a whim, and the napoli thin crust is one of the best i’ve ever had. The crust is amazing!! My husband had a sandwich he said was delicious. I will ONLY be getting pizza from here from now on 🙂 And they do sell slices 🙂 This is some of the best pizza you will find here or anywhere else!

  8. Anonymous

    Link broken to beef sandwich recipe above.

  9. Cobra

    You’re making me f@#*ing hungry, dammit!

  10. Peg

    Oh, having grown up in Chicago eating these incredibly yummy Italian beef sandwiches, I recommend them highly! Wonderfully seasoned beef with juice all over the place – and the roll is just as critical to the entire experience. Messy as hell, and Lord only knows the caloric count. But assuredly worth every sloppy, fatty morsel.

  11. Peeps

    Nicky’s on Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains

    Anon, you’re right that Tarry Lodge’s is great, but way too expensive for just a little personal size pizza. Once pizza gets to be too expensive and you can only buy a mini personal pie, I think it’s not fun to eat pizza out anymore.

  12. Flyman in Rivvy

    Authentic, hopefully it doesn’t appeal to everyone. More for me and my clan. The ingrediants are wonderful and balanced but the differentiating factor is the crust. On the way home and my Pavlovian response was kicking in hard and I found myself drifting back to Roma circa 1985. BTW, 20 minutes away is Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave if you really want to get to the top of the local Pizza Mountian.

  13. Pizza Lover

    My Husband does not eat a vegetable unless it comes on a pizza – (and he’s pretty lean!) We are pizza afficianados heralding from New Haven, which has bar non, the best pizza in Connecticut. Happily, Pepes has opened up in Fairfield off of I-95 and happily, I am a travel soccer mom able to pick it up may weekends. You haven’t lived if you haven’t been there.

    Just sayin’

  14. Cobra

    Speaking of Will Morton’s, what’s the deal on April 15th?

  15. Anonymous

    Speaking of beef sandwiches, somebody here must remember Buzzy’s Fabulous Roast Beef in Boston.

  16. Anonymous

    “…there is no decent pizza 35 miles from NYC” ???

    I have two words for you: Express Pizza. Right here in Greenwich.

  17. towny

    ever tried pizza post in cos cob? vinny’s in glenville? express in chicahominy?
    how bout franks, vinny’s, michaels, frankie and louie’s, all in port chester.
    ever heard of colony in stamford?
    sounds like you locals live sheltered lives.

  18. Lls2

    … And pizza post

    • Like Athens, acceptable, but not perfection. There used to be a pizza joint down at the end of Greenwich Avenue that was good enough, in my opinion, to justify a trip from Riverside to pick it up. Don’t know if it’s still there or still making good pizza, but they made a tasty pie. Still, not a Pepe’s.

  19. Peg

    Christopher – doncha love that your posts about food usually generate more comments than almost any other topic? No wonder most of us have difficulty watching our waistlines!

  20. So Greenwich

    Change of restaurant focus, have you tried Lolita’s? Looks like it is in Byram. Someone recommended that highly yesterday.

  21. Helsa Poppin

    Italian beef is amazing stuff – a big, soggy, shaggy, savory pile of shaved roast beef and green peppers. The kind of food you inhale rather than eat. I haven’t had one for years, but it was a beloved occasional meal at our house – you bring home a white plastic tub of the beef swimming in its juice, a smaller tub of the peppers, and some submarine-type rolls, and make your own sandwich.

    If they are selling Chicago-style sandwiches, do they also do deep-dish pizza? I miss that, especially the glorious stuffed pizzas from Giordano’s and Eduardo’s. And Chicago-style thin-crust pizza, with the crunchy cornmeal on the bottom, in my opinion tastier and more satisfying than New York style (though I have come to love that as well). See pictures of Chicago pizza here:

  22. Pinzgauer

    Colony Pizza in Stamford by far the best. Hot oil stinger. People walk out with 15 boxes at a time. Best if you eat it there and bring cash. No CC.

    • I like Colony, a lot, but the inconvenience – it’s impossible to phone in an order – and thus the wait, make it less than desireable. As Yogi said about Elaine’s, “nobody goes there anymore -it’s too crowded!”

  23. Cos Cobber

    I like Pizza Post myself. Guest always provide postive feedback when we bring Pizza Post home. Acuri’s of Cos Cob, cant speak for OG, makes great salads to go. The best combo for Cos Cob is Pizza Post pizza with an Arcuri’s salad.

    Elsewhere around town, you have to eat at Bella Cucina/Express Pizaa for lunch over on Hamilton Ave next door to the Two Door bar. Great people, excellent food, great service. You wont regret it, just bear in mind you are eating at a lunch/take out joint, so the setting is a bit rough. Office types from West Putnam ave mixed with tradesmans is the typical lunch setting.

  24. G'wich Transplant

    Pizza Post is by far the best I’ve tried in the area. Nothing compares to the New Haven joints, though.

  25. Anonymous

    Ranking of Stamford Pizza if anyone is interested.
    They put Amore first and Colony 6th.

  26. Anonymous

    the white clam pizza at pepe’s fairfield is well worth the trip.

  27. Ajnock

    You are right. The pizza in Greenwich sucks. I might as well be living in Indiana when it comes to pizza. The Colony in Stamford is the closest decent pie. Oh why doesn’t Frank Pepe come to Greenwich?

  28. Peeps

    Pepe’s also opened in Yonkers and I drove there to see what all the fuss was about. I still liked Nicky’s. When I went to Nicky’s and told the cook/owner that I tried Pepe’s but still liked his, he told me that although they have the same kind of cooking equipment as the Pepe’s in New Haven, it’s still not the same cooks.
    Someone else told me that they think they changed the quality of the ingredients.
    I like Colony, too, but don’t like hanging around while they cook it. I aqlso like a place that’s on a back road in Port Chester, kind of across the street from Home Depot. I forgot the name, but it looks like nothing from outside and then when you go in, there’s a pretty courtyard in the back to enjoy in the summer. Maybe it’s called Michael’s.

  29. J

    You don’t like Pomodoro? I’ve had a few good pizzas there.

  30. Anonymous

    Bruce Park Grill makes a nice little pie.

  31. GPD Folk

    I always thought the best pizza in Greenwich was from Covello’s. I’ll bet there aren’t too many of us who remember where they were.

  32. Anonymous

    Yes, Peeps, it is indeed Michaels. It can be great, but it can also be a bummer. Their inconsistancy proved too much for me.

  33. GPD Folk

    Covello’s was short lived during the mid 70’s. It was to the rear of a property on Valley Rd., Cos Cob, next door to The St. Lawrence Club.

  34. The Duke of Deception

    There are topics here ranging from Bernie Madoff to the tanking real estate market to Obummer but pizza gererates almost 50 responses. Just sayin’…

  35. My rant

    John’s Best in Broad River (Norwalk) made exceptional pizza for decades but, sadly, closed early in the recession. Sorrento’s on High Ridge (Stamford) is little known, very consistent and worth the trip. Agree that Pepe’s in Fairfield is just as outstanding as the original (in New Haven). Still a hike though.

  36. Peeps

    To Anonymous – I don’t really even remember the pizza – just how nice it felt to sit in that backroom courtyard. It was really sweet back there, with the sparkling lights and all. It couldn’t have been actually bad pizza though, or I would have remembered it.

    I remember when a friend asked me to meet them there one night and it looked bad from the outside, but was just such a nice experience inside.
    I don’t think I’d like it in the winter, though.

  37. pizzafan

    We tried pizza there the other night for soft opening” awesome, reminiscent of Italy. Pepe’s Fairfield’s great if your in the area. Other pizzeria that’s great is Glenville pizzeria up on Glenville Road. Vinny, the pizza maker was trained by Sal, as in Sal’s of Mamaroneck. Lots of options. Sound beach is horrible and Pomodoro is good if you get a fresh pie (typical NY slice)? Mangia!