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The gangs of Riverside

My little brother Gideon’s attempt to defend the Board of Realtors (“Can’t we all get along?”) shocked me – you attack one family member, you attack the family – but I now remember that he’s seven years younger and missed out on the great Riverside wars of the early 60’s.

And I’d blocked out my own memories if those days. While it is true, as I’ve said, that I have never actually punched out another human being, we had great neighborhood wars with the boys of the adjoining streets, employing apples, slingshots, the occasional stone but never, although I was adept with same, my bow and arrow. A pair of horse chestnuts slung together as a bolo, however, was always fair.

Michael Hanafee, of Jones Park, had his gang, often aligned with a bully named Byrdie Martin from the corner of Indian Head Road and Willow. They’d come down to Gilliam Lane and Club Road to dominate the territory and we’d fight back. I was probably all of 8-10 years-old during these battles, but I’d join up with older kids like Cobra, my brother Bobby, Tommy French and Mark Heiman and we’d go at it, hurling missiles and whatever we had, driving the blaggards two streets north back to their home base. It was all great fun, although today I suppose we’d all have been rounded up as juvenile delinquents.

And we’d gather allies, too. The Martin / Hanafee crowd drew from Willowmere while our crowd looked to other streets for support, although I don’t remember the Horton brothers from Oak Lane ever joining us – perhaps, living just a block from Byrdie, they were like captive Russian satellites. But Paul Patrick was there, and Jimmy and Phillip Robbins too. Anyway, good times, but Gideon would have been just two, and too young to learn the lesson of defending the clan. Still and all, you must always stick up for family and not “reason”.


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Aren’t we having fun?

I’ve been asked, “friend to friend”, to call a fellow Realtor who happens to sit on the Real Estate Board to discuss certain comments about the Board, especially those posted by Walt. Now the caller in question is indeed a friend, so I will call him tomorrow, but the Realtors who I am told start screaming at the mere mention of  my name might want to consider that the general public does not share their own high opinion of themselves. In fact, we’re considered crooks and charlatans and there are plenty of agents who give good cause for that opinion.

I won’t apologize for or try to tone down Walt – he skewers me every day and if I can take it, so can the rest of my profession. But the agents ought to look a bit inward. How many years did it take me to embarrass the Board into correcting the gimmick of resetting days on market – four? A listing would get stale so the broker would pull the listing, re-list it the next day and reset the clock. That has finally ended, but there are so many other ways to manipulate information, and they continue. So some sellers hate me and many agents do too but a transparent marketplace, with buyers having a clear picture of what’s going on, will eventually benefit all parties.

So I look forward to tomorrow’s coversation with my friend. Should be almost as much fun as my chat with thenGAR President Nancy Healy in the the front seat of her Lexus two years ago. Details to follow.


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Poor ol’ Walt may (or may not) be under the weather with terminal cancer, but it’s not slowing down Marissa Noel from enjoying spending stolen loot

Horse Jock sends along this inspiring picture of the rich bitch having a grand time with other folks’ money.


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Kitchen design firms?

A reader asks whether there are any kitchen design firms who will design a kitchen but not insist on building and installing their creation. Any ideas? I’m clueless.


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Another sale

35 Edgewater Drive

Asked $995,000, contract in 26 days, sales price, $940,000. Not much of a house, but a nice street and south of the Village, this is probably pretty representative of what you should expect to pay down there.


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Cheap houses – call me

A slew of lis pendens have been filed against some very decent Greenwich houses and even more have been fully foreclosed on and are now wholly owned by banks. We’re pretty good at negotiating with banks here at EBT and if you’re interested, call us: Me (Chris) at 203) 249-4394 or Frank @(203) 554-6140.

The reader who inquired about an affordable house for a school teacher? We have a house for you.

End of ad.


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At least he’s not from Round Hill

Greenwich’s Chip Skowron goes down big time for insider trading. Secret meetings in Barcelona, cash slipped to informants, you think Chip spent too much time reading James Bond when he was at that Ivy League school of his? Dummy.


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A sale

14 Dearfield Lane

This place sold for $1.839 back in 2004 and was quickly resold for $1.995 a  year later. Now it has sold again, for $1.985.


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Stevie Cohen to buy Mets, move them, and UN to Greenwich

Will this man stop at nothing?


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A nightmare for any golfer

16 strokes on a par 4 sets a PGA record. Reminds me of my own attempts to learn the game but I, thank God, wasn’t trying to make a living at the game. Funny thing, this guy shot an otherwise good round, he just imploded on this one hole. Ow.


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