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Stone sober, midnight is still a bad time to rant against the GAR, but here goes

I’m up on charges, again, brought by the Greenwich Association of Realtors – they  tell me, falsely, that they have no choice in the matter. In  the meantime, I am dealing with the head of a local firm, a member of that august board, who is screwing up  a contracted-for short sale because, by his own admission, he has a better contract and will benefit by selling his own listing and collect twice the commission. This fellow has advised his client not to leave the house, as was agreed to under our own contract, and to stall until the end of June. Why? In the hope that my clients will lose patience and walk, leaving his clients room to walk in and take the deal.

Confronted, this  noted and honored realtor denies all culpability and says he’d never get involved in legal matters. Complete and utter bullshit, but a complaint to the GAR will produce zero results so I’ll do nothing.  But I’ll be there next month, defending myself for opining on another house and another angry house owner’s pricing. This is what you’re getting for your self-policing Board of Realtors.


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Did you know he was still alive?

Charles  Manson is still breathing and it turns out he’s against global warming. Honestly, I thought he’d been executed long ago. Sorry to  learn he’s still with us. Louisiana and Texas seem to execute the wrong guys – the rest of us 48 can’t seem to put the right guys in Old Sparky. What gives?


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Don’t go there

Connecticut Legislature considers stop light cameras. It sounds great, but  the Internet is filled with horror stories of how these  cameras are turned into revenue cess pools. Absolutely not the way to go.

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Another Round Hill Road house up for sale

Rajamatz’s defense rests without putting up a defense. This guy is so f***ked. So we’ve got, what? Burke, Walt, Walt’s friend and partner up the street, Raj, Dominick Whathisname, anyone else? In fact, is there anyone on Round Hill who isn’t in prison or facing jail time?  Do you remember when Round Hill was a prestigious address? You want prestige, not one of us here on William Street is facing felony charges, that I know of.


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Wow! Two cops and now 1,000 kids and 80 teams?

A flag football league put together by a couple of policemen. My kids are grown so I miss this sort of news, but congratulations, gentlemen, and thank you, thank you. An amazing effort.


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Nudists in Old Greenwich!

Reader Dogwalker alerted me to this story. Police were called to a sighting of a man sunbathing in the nude in Old Greenwich. And I’ll give the cops credit: they figured out the guy was not a nut job, and left him alone. Now, my own confession: I hate wearing clothes. I seek out nudie beaches on Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and St. Bart’s, because there is no better way to swim than without a swimsuit, and, if I could, I’d garden in the nude, too. But you can’t do that here in crowded little Greenwich, so I don’t, but my sympathies  are entirely with this man.  A glorious warm spring day and he takes his clothes off – a perfectly natural response, and nothing, to my mind, crazy about it at all. Congratulations to the police to recognize that. But neighbors just won’t understand the impulse, so really: don’t do it.


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3 Byfield . Asked $2.995 in ’08, dropped to $1.999.

34 Doubling was priced at $3.495, sold right away.

35 Wesskum Wood, asked $2. 745, which I thought was fair, and has a fully – executed contract.


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Of course, we should talk

S&P warns of cutting USA’s credit rating. Price of gold is doing  nicely, though.


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Oh, would it finally be true, but don’t tell my liberal friends

Cuban communism finally headed for oblivion. I’ve always wanted to see the country, but vowed not to do so until it was free. It would be wonderful if that came about during my lifetime.


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Book review of the AIG collapse

The topic is way over my head, but the reviewer explains things in layman terms.


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