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I’m not faulting the police on this one – it’s a new world

SWAT team swarms mall – the guy was carrying an umbrella. But these days …?


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Wow – climbing the north face of the Eiger

 As a complete wuss of mountain climber, I travelled to Grindelwald, Switzerland  in 1972, where I stared respectfully at the Eiger, the Jungfrau and the Munch, but never dared approach anything but their bases. Here’s a guy climbing the North Face (that’s the logo on your down jacket) without ropes or support. He may be nuts, but he’s got my respect.


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Walt you bastard, you’re making me work

I’ve got to track down and destroy your comments about our staff at the GAR, As you and I agreed, spouses and family are off limits and the GAR personnel should be too. They are just good people, following the orders of the likes of  Doug Stevens. Can’t have them disparaged.


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Hacked again

I’ve figured this out now, so being shut down is a matter of half an hour, rather than days. Still, I called the former tech agent for a certain real estate firm that I recently criticized and he denied knowing me, despite the fact that we grew up on the same street,denied knowing of the existence of my blog, despite our discussions of same over five years, and then hung up on me. Hmm.


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Well, that stirred the pot!

Between emails, phone calls and comments here, it’s been a fun-filled morning to an otherwise-dull Tuesday morning. And in fact,  I spent half of it doing what I’m supposed to be doing, showing real estate. But I am ticked off, so screw the Board.


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God bless out-of-town brokers and their clients

357 Round Hill rd

It takes a foreigner to truly understand Greenwich values. Asked $3.950 million, got $3.740. By the Shoeless Index, grossly underpriced and a huge bargain. Congratulations.


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Is it time to start naming names?

I’ve played along with the Greenwich Association of Realtors for  a decade now, and been rewarded with grievances and disciplinary hearings.  I’ve pretty-much had it  with all that, and I think, as long as I’m considered a loose cannon, I’ll start firing away. Who are these crooks running our real estate business? We Realtors know, but remain silent out of professional courtesy. Well screw that. Russ Pruner, you’re first off the tee. More to follow. I’m fed up.


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Molesting six-year-olds is not adding to our security

But that’s what our TSA is doing. Why?


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Speaking of people I thought were dead

Lowell Weicker resigns position as Hulk Hogan at World Wrestling Federation. Who knew?


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My goodness, the GAR can get my juices flowing

If  I’m  not mistaken,GAR’s President is Doug  Stevens. Enough said.


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