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Russ Pruner says it’s not so

I shut down the comments on the incident but I keep receiving emails from someone at least claiming to be Russ so just to be fair, he denies do anything untoward in the matter. Fine by me, Russ.

UPDATE:You’re right, Russ, that was a crappy way to “end a matter, leaving the charge out there. I have posted your client’s denial of the whole story and I regret and retract my aspersions against your integrity. Not sure how two different sets of “facts” got involved in this mess but of course I believe your client.


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Can Steve Cohen run the Mets and SAC at the same time?

Of course he can, despite what some naysayers claim. I’ll bet he can even do it while chewing gum. No one is ever going to award Cohen the personality of the year medal, but dumb he is not. I’d love to see him running the Mets.

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But does he live on Round Hill Road?

Greenwich hedge fund fined $30 million for manipulating natural gas prices.

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Why do I doubt this is true?

Business Insider reports that spending caps are coming to Washington. Hmmm.

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Active buyers

Five executed contacts reported today, in most (under $4 price ranges). That’s not bad. 34 Hendrie Avenue in Riverside, asking $3.395, has found a buyer, which must please the seller. In terms of price reductions, 1 Sparrow Lane, in the mid-country, has dropped from $5.4 million to $4.6 – that’s a significant whack, and should help. Nice house.

In Riverside, I see that a house that sold for $2.4 last year is now asking $2.990. I don’t think that will work, but we shall see.


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Why does Atlas Shrugged sill resonate?

Because fifty years ago, Ayn Rand predicted exactly the world we were headed for. I read the novel as a callow youth of 18 and thought, :”Holy shit, she’s right”. And she was – here it is. She wasn’t nuts, nor was I.


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Send them back to your Congressman

CFL’s emit cancer-causing chemicals – “keep them away from your head”. So much for reading, so much with messing with a simple technological wonder, the incandescent lightbulb. But no, don’t mail those CFLs to Washington, they’re considered hazardous waste – mercury – and you’ll be arrested.


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Sounds like the trees stay in Old Greenwich

I wasn’t at the hearing – I’ve had enough fights for this week, thank you – but it seems the overwhelming opinion at a town hearing was for the trees to remain on Sound Beach Avenue, despite merchants’  desire to see them gone. I’m a bit confused though, because the discussion is about oak trees while the ones I’ve seen tagged for removal. across from Sound Beach Pizza and Patriot Bank. look like little crabapple trees. What am I, an arborist? Whatever, I kind of like the trees. Beats pure concrete.


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Belle Haven neighbors sort out their differences

As one neighbor said, it’s not worth three years (he was being optimistic) of litigation. These kind of disputes are as useless as pissing contests between real estate agents, a lesson I have to relearn every few years. Forget it and move on. Congratulations to the Belle Haven  residents.


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Someone at Fortune doesn’t like Zillow

He’s figured out that nothing has changed. It probably should, but I’d like to milk this business for another 15 years or so, please.


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Arizona has grabbed our Colt as its official firearm

That makes Utah and Arizona with an honorary weapon. Connecticut remains silent and unarmed.How about the Frisbee?

UPDATE:  a reader suggests the whiffle ball and bat, invented, I believe, in Shelton. That, too would be a fine solution. Where are our legislators when we need action, damn it? Next thing you know, Montana’s going to claim the frisbee as its own!


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