Single-stream recycling is coming to town

I hear that, as of August, those hateful blue recycling bins can be discarded (are they recyclable?) because Greenwich is switching to backyard pickup, in which everything: newspapers, tin, all kinds of plastic, (maybe cardboard and paper?) can be all jumbled together. That’s fine – it’ll be a little less of a pain in the ass – but the whole recycling movement is a fraud and a waste of time and money. Worse, it creates the impression among school children and naive adults that we’re “doing something” about the environment when we’re actually accomplishing nothing.

As Arlo said, “you want to end war and stuff you have to sing real loud”. Residential recycling is a mere whimper.


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6 responses to “Single-stream recycling is coming to town

  1. pike johnson

    all it means is that the town aint paying for it anymore. the cost burden is shifted to the home owner

  2. Jimbo

    I wonder how much the town will be saving, and if the savings will be reflected in the budget currently being finalized.

    • These things never save money – ever. And if, by some miracle, the laws of nature (or government) are repealed and some saving is achieved, the Greenwich taxpayer will never see it.

  3. Cobra

    Will the town repurpose the “recycling” area at the dump? If not, might we opt to not be charged for the backyard pickup and deposit the stuff ourselves? We go to the dump at least once a week, so we could certainly do without pickup at home.

  4. w b h

    How much time, energy, and water is used washing our garbage? (Cleaning out those food jars and plastic containers before tossing them into the recycle bins.)

  5. Jane

    Where we live- there is one recycle center way outside of town to take the the bulbs to or they say Home Depot
    the recycle center want us to bring A COPY OF OUR BILL to PROVE we live here? and that we use CITY ELECTRICITY? Really? HOW BAD do they want us to recycle?
    Im supposed to take two long bulbs and drive around with them in MY CAR with a disabled person , hoping they dont shatter while Im driving, or that I don’t drop one in the process and they shatter all over the place?
    What about if we are exposed to mercury or whatever and I end up with a big mess to clean up in my car?
    Personally, if they want us to recycle stuff like that – they can provide boxes to pack them in and make it easier to transport- I very uncomfortable walking around with two exposed bulbs – ANYWHERE! or transporting them in my vehicle! Im an attendant to my own son with a disability and he goes with me everywhere, so Im not putting them in my car – that is just OUT of the question!
    What are these city people thinking? We pay taxes and for trash – and they still want us to drive around, use our gas, and resources to find one little recycle center that wants PROOF we live here! SERIOUSLY makes me mad
    why would I just have light bulbs to dispose of,,, FOR FUN? AS IF!
    Im sticking it in the trash and they can deal with it!