Zoom zoom!

I drove by the Cos Cob Gulf station (across from Dunkin Donuts) and noticed its price for regular was $4.29. That was a painful sight but after dropping off a shipment at Packages Plus and going back the other way – elapsed time, 7 minutes? – I saw that the price was now $4.41. Owie.


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9 responses to “Zoom zoom!

  1. towny

    zone pricing. i pay $3. 60 in s fla.

  2. Skuke

    How did it happen that Connecticut gas prices are higher than New York? I paid $4.09 the other day in Westchester County. It always used to be cheaper crossing the border into Fairfield County. Did Governor Malloy tack on some new gas tax?

  3. Cos Cobber

    we have the highest gas taxes outside of Hawaii.

  4. Jimbo

    Don’t know if NY is or has been generally cheaper than CT. I do know that perpetually-screwed Greenwich has for decades been more expensive than NY.

  5. Cobra

    As of January, CT residents were burdened by the fourth highest state gas tax in the US , trailing CA, HI, and NY. Malloy thinks we should pay another $.03 on gasoline and $.02 on diesel, overtaking NY for third place in the national rankings. Great timing, given the escalating price of oil.

  6. cybercommuter

    Gas was running around $4.65/ga in Sacramento CA when I worked in Sacramento about 2 weeks ago.

  7. stump

    I filled up the SUV today and was relieved when the pump stopped a few cents short of $100.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Given that driving is the only required skill of a “Professional” real estate agent, gas prices must really be cutting into your profits. Right?
    Wait a minute. What profits? You haven’t sold any dirt since you stopped shitting yellow!!
    But consider yourself lucky. I still shit yellow!!
    Your Pal,

  9. Jimbeau

    Conn. has a fixed per-gallon tax, and a percentage of price tax, so as the price of oil climbs, our taxes increase due to the % of price portion of the tax. I guess this has pushed us ahead of Westchester…yay!

    I recall a couple years ago reading stories how the state was facing a revenue shortfall due to the declining price of gas. I don’t think I’ve seen a similar story this year touting a windfall of gas tax revenue…hmmmmm….