An impressive in-town sale

11 Glen Court

11 Glen Court (that small dead end across from the hospital, asking $4.295, has gone to contract. It’s an exceptional house, with beautiful finishes, has a great location, 0.6 acres in an R-12 zone, nice back yard with swimming pool, and all that. So I’m not surprised it’s found a buyer. It took a year, but we’ve had a bad market so that, too isn’t surprising. As an aside, this one is just around the corner from the Perry Ridge spec house which also tried to get this price. Night and day.


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3 responses to “An impressive in-town sale

  1. Patrick


    Do you know if this house is modular? It just has that look about it.

  2. Succotash

    Nice example of building a house that is worth significantly more than the rest of the street, yet still having it “fit” with the neighborhood.

  3. Roger

    The owners are the original owners and they had to sell. They over extended themselves and lost money on this house. I have seen this house and it is beutiful inside. They recently closed on the deal to Mr. Despins whom had a court battle in a divorce to get the funding for this closing.