Bob Horton has a point

Bob comments in today’s Greenwich Time that Greenwich seems determined to keep “outsiders” out of our precious town, and wonders why.

But, while I agree with his sentiments, I think I’m still going to go ahead and buy a ticket to the Greenwich Town Party on May 28th – the musicians coming in: Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Toots and the Maytals, Little Feat, Buddy Guy and the Temptations, are all people I’d really, really like to hear. The schedule shows almost non-stop music from 2 -10 PM. $40 seems like a bargain. Still, why can’t we share the experience, at least with town employees? Crazy.


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12 responses to “Bob Horton has a point

  1. George W. Crossman

    Bob may have a point but considering there are over 60,000 of us the park and parking are limited. Try to be realistic just once so as not to discourage the people who plan and put events like this into action when they have better things to do. I am sure there are more pressing issues Bob could write about.

  2. Jack Martin

    Chris, Robert Randolph and the Family Band are a great act.
    A must hear and see.

    “Eric Clapton took Randolph out on tour, showcased him in the first Crossroads guitar festival in Dallas and appeared on Randolph’s 2006 album, Colorblind.”

    Have fun.

  3. Jimbo

    I agree with George. Bob undermines his whole point with the final paragraph: ”

    “There are only 3,500 tickets available, and they are selling quickly, according to Weicker. It sounds like a great show. Too bad more people could not enjoy it.”

    So more people would enjoy the event if it were opened up to out-of-towners? Not if the event is sold out. In the event that it is not sold-out, the organizers might well open it up to out-of-towners.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Tell Bob Horton to stick to making donuts. He is really good at it. But let me understand this. We openly ban people from public festivities, but I wonder if we may not allow some people in private clubs, and some find that offensive? Who is the dummy in this discussion? Not me!!

    Anyhows, you watch the Royal Wedding? She is a real hottie, I think. She has great Brow action going on. Take a peek:

    I think my unibrow tops hers, though. And what is up with Prince Charles? He marries a rottweiler, and has never worked a day in his life. And if they just keep just handing property down from generation to generation, is there no real estate industry over there? When is the last time someone got a 6% cut on Buckingham Palace? Maybe I should move to London!! I have no job, do nothing, have tons of money handed to me, and I know how to wave!!
    You want to go check it out? Bangers and Mash Dude!! See if you can get contact data on Liz Hurley. Any other Brittish hotties you can think of? With real teeth?
    Your Pal,

  5. Riverside

    The above comments are dead on – 60,000 residents and only 3500 tickets – do the math. This event is being hosted by local people who are very generous and sincere and want to do something great for the town – I know the players and their motives. They are not making (or hoping to make) a dime on it, even counting any underwriters, just trying to kick start something really good for the town. They are fully funding the first event and hoping it is a success and can continue in the future as a self-funding event for the town.

    Horton finds an angle to criticize these generous people by calling some of the details “typical Greenwich”. Well, I think in Greenwich we too often criticize residents who are trying to do something positive for the town and their neighbors because some aspect of the particular issue is not exactly how we would like. How about a simple “Thank You.”

  6. Helsa Poppin

    The fact that it is Greenwich-only makes me more likely to attend. I think it’s cool to go to an event where I know that everyone around me is a neighbor. I was just remarking to someone the other day that there is very little community feel in this town – anything we can do to foster that is terrific.

  7. towny

    to the manor born.

  8. towny

    greetings from jupiter island.
    three day holiday weekend? better get to the island beach parking lot early, cause all the un washed from outside of town will be there to use island beach. and that verrified cesspool you call long island sound will probably produce a bunker kill that will stink up greenwich harbor. lets not forget that just 100 yards away is the horrible stench emitting sewage treatment plant. happy holiday!

  9. But there is a “Greenwich attitude”, where others are interlopers, but when Greenwich residents travel, they are helping the local economies and their destinations are lucky that they are there, so matter how much the locals feel that there are already too many crowds.
    Oh, yes, when a Greenwich resident uses a shoe horn to jam their car and body onto the streets of Ogunquit, Maine, or finds a spot on a crowded beach, like the heavily RI local-taxpayer-funded Narragansett Beach, they are not adding to the crowds, but are enriching the locals. They are so lucky to get you.

    Could it possible be that locals like swaying to things like Reggae and Ska music, without having to look at the typical fans, who often are not residents?

  10. Fatman

    Bob Horton can stay away if he despises Greenwich residents that much.

  11. Some of Round Hill Road “finest” summer in our RI neck of the woods. Mr. EOS used to complain about all the NY plates. Now it’s all Connecticut. There goes the neighborhood!