I don’t know the story on this one

19 Stanwich Lane

This property came on in February at $1.675, could only be shown between 3-5 PM  Mon-Thur and 10-12 Sat., and has now been sold direct for $2.020 million. “Court ordered sale”, the listing says, somewhat cryptically. I assume it was a divorce, but there are other reasons a court can order a sale.


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  1. Greenwich Old Timer

    This property is on our wonderful street; the current owners got into deep financial difficulties not long after totally (and tastefully) refurbishing the house a few years ago and finally were forced by the bank to let it go. Two million is a great price, given that there’s only a one-car garage and the house directly across the street has been let go to a shocking degree. Other than that, it’s a charming home in a great neighborhood.

  2. snoopy detective

    Not that it’s any of our business, but the former owners owned a executive search firm, and were sued, and filed bankruptcy. A house they owned in Martha’s Vineyard was foreclosed on in November.

  3. greenwich goldie

    The owners are bankrupt. They also owned a home on Maher. During broker open house, the house had: unmade beds, crumpled clothes heaped on the beds/floors, overflowing wastebaskets, and dust bunnies galore. Ceiling heights are probably 7 ft high. Adorable home with great charm but must see past the previously mentioned.

  4. Hibiscus

    A little research reveals it was owned by several partners in a – troubled born again exec recruiting consulting biz – nothing about that phrase sounds good, with some major legal obligations.

  5. Ctanalyst

    Wow – this one sells “direct” for way over asking price in no time and the wedding cake house up the street on Stanwich sells for only $1,500,000 after years sitting on the market….something is clearly wrong with this picture. Did the owner sell this on his own? Is that what direct means in this case? Broker still gets commission? Must be some sort of correlation with limiting viewing hours and court ordered sale in terms of getting a higher price and a quick sale. Nice marketing gimmick!

    • A direct sale means that the seller sold it on her own and, assuming that possibility (including the names of specific exemptions), no commission is due. Used when a neighbor, say, has expressed interest in buying a property, a homeowner can test the market waters while reserving the right to sell, commission free, to the first person. Again, though, I don’t know the circumstancs of this case so I am speaking generally, not with any knowledge of this particular sale.

  6. Open House Visitors

    OK. Here’s the scoop: the commenters above are correct. We went to the sunday open house for this house: beezaarre is not the word to describe the experience, one of the owners hung around us the whole time, telling us all sorts of stuff, his dad had just died in a room upstairs, so the access to that area had been taped off. The house was a mess and smelled funny. They wanted to sell to their friends, so tried to dissuade other buyers as much as possible. In the end, after a bidding war, they did end up selling their friends. In our opinion it was worth the ask price, at best. Totally agree though, the street/ area is wonderful.

    • I hear they were living there rent free and wanted to stay as long as possible, hence the 2 hour per day showing limitation and even to releasing mice in the house during showings.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    Is this seller a rookie, or what? He didn’t want to sell the house, and the best he had is some mice and dust bunnies? Are you frigging kidding me?

    Firstly, he should have hired you. That almost guarantees no sale. Then the dead old man? He should have just left him in the bed room. And that would have saved him burial costs too!! Or have a coffee can full of wood ash, and sprinkle it around the house when he shows it. Tell any potential buyers it was the old mans last wishes.

    No mice. That is totally lame. You tell them you raised snakes. Had 50 of them, but only 45 have been accounted for. Then get the banjo playing kid from Deliverance to sit on the couch and play. Tell them he was fine until he drank the tap water in the house.

    Then tell them Al Sharpton lives next door, and they will get invited to the Revival Services he holds every Sunday. For free!!
    Your Pal,

  8. Treepart

    LOL, the mice cracks me up. Better than a disembodied ghoulish tape recorded “GET OUT!” from the attic. haha.

  9. anony

    owner told me that sewage backed up into the house and he had put sandbags all around the doors because there was a flooding problem. he also told us the noise from 95 was unbearable. his “pitch” was so ridiculous that I couldn’t wait to google him and wasn’t surprised he had such a checkered past.

  10. TraderVic

    Now that’s a wild story. I, for one, would hire your readers (and you Chris) any day as research analysts.

  11. Anonymous

    Maybe they wanted it sold to friends because there was so much ill-gotten money hidden in the walls that they forgot how to get it all and needed more time.

  12. The Scoop

    3 bidders at Bankruptcy Court. Winning bidder was a local commodity trader/humanitarian pilot who everyone believes was buying for the incumbents…inside trader..?

  13. dogwalker

    OT, but since this looks like a fun thread . . . CF, your 4th grade Riverside School class photo has been posted on the FaceBook GHS class of 71 reunion page.

  14. Fudders Lover

    It couldn’t have happened to nicer pair of people. Scanlon and Hunt are a bunch of crooks who stole a lot of money from their friends and business contacts.