I may have missed the wedding

 But at least I can still get some classy souvenirs


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3 responses to “I may have missed the wedding

  1. Luke Gardner

    Hahahaha…. I’ll have to get my wife some of those TP rolls. She woke up this morning and ran to the TV to get her fix of monarchical pageantry.

    I don’t get it. I do wish the couple all the best in their lives together going forward, but beyond that, they got married, big deal.

    Must be that I’m too much a Republican in the original sense of the word. Odd thing is my wife is French, and she too was brought up in a republican tradition.

  2. I would gladly get the tp roll, since it matches a bathroom we rarely use and would would last a long time.

    I love the distraction from the hell-in-a-handbasket economy and international disasters that have been going on, and if any of the companies can improve their bottom line with this stuff, I’m glad for them and also for the couple.