I’m sure it will be back

180 North Street

Built in 2007, still unsold, this listing just expired again. It started at $5.495 million and was, as of yesterday, down to $4.375, which must be a disappointment to the seller. We’ll see where the next broker places it.

The now-expired listing touts as a feature, “built by Mariani”. I’m not sure I’d mention that, next time.


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4 responses to “I’m sure it will be back

  1. xyzzy

    Did the expensive home on lucas point expire or did it finally find an owner?

    • Just went to contract yesterday. No word on price, but the seller never lowered her price of $7.5 million during its year on the market so I assume she got close to her price. I really liked the house but I had no one in its price range.

  2. xyzzy

    Wow, the market certainly has come back. Lack of inventory is helping. The Little Cove house might even get that outrageous price.

  3. anonymous

    It’s one of the Milstein Properties – Ogden Cap – Connie and Philip Milstein, Connie’s daughter, Abby Elbaum bought it for $8.2M back in 2007. For what purpose? Who knows? They also have had 79 Dingletown on the market for years – bought that in 2007, too.