Obummer goes political on disaster relief

While our president wasted no time declaring a disaster emergency for the states struck by tornadoes, he’s sat on Texas’s own request for such aid for two weeks and will not comment. Why? Politics – he doesn’t like Texas Governor Rick Perry.

There’s plenty of room for politics in our national debates but, until Obama, not in disaster relief.


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13 responses to “Obummer goes political on disaster relief

  1. pulled up in OG

    Rick Perry . . . $timulu$ whore.

  2. Anonymous

    Take a look at the Federal response to Katrina and compare the extent of damage and resources provided to Mississippi vs. Louisiana. You might then say that politics has paid a (huge) role in disaster relief in the past.

  3. The Donald, in Vegas

    Fuck Rick Perry.

  4. anonymous

    It’s all about race, not politics.

    Why would Obama ever stand side-by-side with white Texans and declare he’s going to help THEM when there are a whole lot of blacks in Alabama whose vote he needs come 2012. Smile for the camera. Also, how could Obama possibly have time to call Perry? He’s too busy flying around the USA attending fundraisers and filming The Oprah Show. Why govern when you can smile and laugh and pretend the world is just fine? Lucky Donald to get away with dropping the F bomb. Many of us would effing love to do the effing same.

  5. Two weeks? Gee, after the floods last year it only took the administration a week or so to tell Fairfield County to go jump in a lake.

  6. Treepart

    Obama took a shot at Perry in an interview last week with the Dallas/Fort Worth TV station WFAA.

    “Governor Perry helped balance his budget with about $6 billion worth of federal help — which he happily took — and then started blaming the members of Congress who had offered that help,” Obama said, referring to 2009 federal stimulus funds.

  7. Treepart

    Obama to Rick Perry:

  8. Dude

    Anonymous, lest you forget, Alabama is one of the red states which Obama has no chance of winning in 2012. He lost Alabama overwhelmingly to McCain in 2008 (61-39%). He has a much better shot with Texas in 2012 with the Hispanic vote (though I doubt he’ll win Texas either).
    Obama may rightly dislike Perry personally, but don’t conculde that the response to Alabama/Texas is about politics and race. It’s not. Compare the devastation — that’s what dictates the response.

  9. Fatman

    We need disaster relief from Malloy and Obama!

  10. dollarbill

    Kevin Drum gets it: “Under Bush Sr., FEMA sucked. Under Clinton, FEMA was rehabilitated and turned into a superstar agency. Under Bush Jr., FEMA sucked again. Under Obama, FEMA’s doing great and responding quickly.

    I know, I know, we’re not supposed to politicize natural disasters. Not when that politicization makes Republicans look bad, anyway. So I’ll just let you draw your own conclusions from these four data points. “

    • You have a very short memory, dolllar – Bush 1 was forced to turn FEMA into a multi-billion dollar cess pool under political pressure (check the WSJ archives for an article on this way back when0, and every succeeding president has grown it further. Pre-Bush 1, the nation seemed to get along just fine without FEMA, just as, pre-1991 and the imposition of an income tax, Connecticut got along fine with half the number of state employemes we now have.

  11. JRH

    This is particularly senseless, CF. Obama snubbed Perry but not the Republican governors of Alabama and Arkansas? Come on…you’re so blinded by hatred of the guy, it’s amazing.