Taking a name literally

The former “Tumbledown Dick’s” in Cos Cob is no more, merely a pile of rubble. To be replaced by a bank?

Speaking of banks, rumor has it that, having won the right to build a branch at the Belladonna restaurant in Cos Cob, Chase has changed its mind and will be returning it to the market. Don’t know whether that’s true, but that’s the rumor.


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8 responses to “Taking a name literally

  1. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Cher Christophe, I recently heard that Cos Cob is a Genoese-Italian phrase meaning “Many Banks”? It was reportedly given this name by Christopher Columbus, who may have been referring to the banks of the Mill Pond. Could this be true? Pierre

  2. What else is new

    another boring bank entity. this town has absolutely no character or interesting establishments. just a branch in another wealthy community. time to move out

  3. Cos Cobber

    Yes, i really enjoyed all the empty and completely neglected properties US 1 in Cos Cob used to offer. I find Cos Cob to be in a steady progression of 1 step ahead, 1/2 step back. Its progress, just slow.

    Peoples bank = formerly occuppied by an abandon gas station <–I'll take the bank please over weeds and broken glass.
    Peoples bank expansion = formerly occuppied by a restaurant site with three failed restuarants over the previous 12 years (probably more than that over its entire lifespan). <—I'll take the bank for now rather than a closed building.
    Starbucks = formerly an abandon getty gas station in terrible neglect
    CVS = love it or hate it, porcelli's market was a C- operation if you are at all objective about it. I find the CVS very handy.
    J. Bank clothier = replaced Minuteman cleaners which moved down the street. <–Pecora Brothers have tried to improve the look of this plaza. They could do more, but its headed in the right direction.
    The Greenwich Bank complex = formerly an oversized lot with neglected buildings. <–Again, I'll take the bank over neglect.
    Plum Fine Foods = replaced what? nothing that I recall
    Drawing Room = replaced what? nothing again I believe

    Cos Cob is doing just fine. Its not as hip as Williamsburg, but its not as commercial as Paramus either.

  4. pike johnson

    Cos Cobber……do you remember the International House of Pancakes? The Clam Box? Dairy Queen? The ice cream joint next to porricellis? Tumbledowns? The Charcoal Pit? Ever had the pizza at the joint behind St. Lawrence Club? Probably not.

    As far as Cos Cob goes, the only time I’d even consider stopping there is if I needed to use an ATM or get a cup of joe at Dunkin Donuts…….if the line wasnt too long.

  5. Ah, Tumbledown Dicks….how many people can remember the suave mystique of the Silver Fox, who ran it?

    As for Cos Cobber not missing the decrepit walls and weeds, I actually used to admire the texture of the peeling paint on those walls and often used to think I was going to stop there and use it as a photographic backdrop someday, but like many things in life, someday never comes. If you have an idea, use it while you can.

    As for Porricelli’s, I beg to differ with Cos Cobber’s opinion. I loved the floral selections, and the Porricelli family’s willingness to donate to local causes. And who can’t easily find another drugstore chain nearby to use?

    To me, banks are just a boring space I don’t need. Once you have a bank, I don’t see a need to investigate others unless your screws up somehow. I’ve been using First County on Mason St for 20 years and see no reason to walk into any other bank. Banks and cell phone stores are boring as hell once you’re all set.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Pike, I’ve only been in town since around 2000, so no, none of those places ring a bell to me. All I can say is, while those places sound great, the reality is the community didnt love them quite enough or they would still be here. Economics can be cruel and romance doesn’t pay the bills.

    Sure, the CVS and all the new banks are sterile replacements. What I dont get is this idea that there is this long list of people wanting to run a mom & pop retail operation in this town. There isnt. And so, I’ll take the local or national chain store anyday over the empty store front. Empty stores dont help commercial property values (and RE taxes) and dont employ anyone. If you like empty stores and under utilized space go see what that is doing for Bridgeport.

    We can all lament the loss of the family retail and food businesses of yesterday, it saddens me too. Nothing is sadder however than space nobody wants. Its an easy trade for me.

    My grandparents are often complaining about the loss of the old this and that store, but guess where they shop, at the big box discount retailer and the chain restuarants. They cant ignore the value and the convenience. I enjoy gently pointing this out to them when they complain.

    Mom and Pop’s store on main street is gone becuase you consumer types didnt love is as much as you loved the romance. Romance doesnt pay the bills.

  7. Pike Johnson

    Cobber: you gotta it right the second time around. Greenwich has become a sterile community. As a past half century resident, I lament the loss of soul. I think even Chris Fountain would agree. I know Bernie Y did.

  8. Cos Cobber

    Pike, it’s a global phenomenon. There aren’t many places in this world where “soul” has increased over the past 50 years. Blame the internet. Blame globalization.