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Will this finally be the straw that breaks the Endangered Species Act?

Lizard proposed for inclusion on the list will curtail oil production in Texas and New Mexico


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Osama bin Laden dead

A few years too late – the guy hasn’t been relevant for a long time now and has been replaced by people just as bad, but I won’t miss him.

UPDATE: The above was written before the details of how Osama was “made dead” had come out. Brave men landing within the compound and then engaging in a firefight is just awesome, and, although my pessimism remains as to the ultimate effect of this event, I hugely admire the men who accomplished it.

UPDATE II: the cynic in me wonders whether Obama would have approved this risky operation if his approval rating wasn’t in the toilet. The Iranian hostage rescue fiasco ruined Jimmy Carter, and unless Obama figured he has nothing left to lose ….


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