We demand politically correct code names!

Some Onondaga Indian (chicken feather, not dot head Indian) is angry that the SEAL 6 team used “Geronimo” as the code name during the raid against bin Laden. Cry me a river. Geronimo, an Apache in Arizona, not an Eastern Onondaga, was one nasty guy.  A fine warrior, but no one you’d want to be captured by. And I suspect that, in planning this raid,  the SEALs had other things on their mind more important than assuring that they didn’t hurt the feelings of some nitwit Iroquois in upstate New York.


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7 responses to “We demand politically correct code names!

  1. bc

    sure the onondaga wan’t a canadian?

  2. George W. Crossman

    Geronimo was not a coward. Osama was a coward. That’s the only distinction that should be made and move on.

  3. uncle curly

    I wouldnt be offended if they named the operation swamp ginny or shanty irish.

  4. Al Dente

    I have lost so much in this economy, I am planning to leap off the Empire State Building later this afternoon, but you’re saying I shouldn’t yell Geronimoooooo as I plummet?

  5. Greenwich Gal

    I don’t blame them. Geronimo had some semblance of honor. I would be insulted to be associated in anyway to OBL.