Back from the Back Country open house tour.

So I saw 164 Round Hill Road, all 17,000 + sq. ft. of it, attached to a $19 million price tag. Hmm. I have to separate my own feelings toward houses like this – negative – from what might appeal to a buyer. All very well done, nice grounds but my goodness the house is big. Still, if you like this sort of formal Greenwich decorating scheme, there’s a lot of it here for you to enjoy. I was reminded of that scene in Dr. Zhivago when the doctor returns to his Moscow home after the revolution and is greeted at the door by some toothless commie harridan: “We have sixteen families in this house now,” she snarls, “where you had only one.” “Yes,” replies Zhivago, “this is much more [pause] equitable”. If you buy this place, better guard your doors.

As an aside, I do wish that homeowners would resist the urgings of their decorators and forego the “great books collection” designers stuff their houses with. It exudes an air of boorish illiteracy which is doubtless more fairly attributed to the designer than to the owners, but the overall effect is just tacky. You earn great books by reading them, not by buying them by the yard, dependent on the color of their bindings. You know this, your designer doesn’t, so don’t listen to her.

38 Round Hill may be asking too much at $13 million but it too is very, very large and quite well done. I saw this place new in 2002 or ’03 and it has stood up to the ensuing years unscathed. I liked it. An inferior lot, but a convenient one, and a nice front yard. You may envision tossing a ball to your child in your backyard and insist on having such space but face it: the kid’s either going to be inside playing video games or off on some travel soccer junket. Get a grip and forget that image: it expired in the 70’s.


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4 responses to “Back from the Back Country open house tour.

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve seen something else even worse than books by the yard– I saw FAKE book veneers sold by the foot. My heart sank. How depressing is that?

  2. The Duke of Deception

    Hope you’re wrong on that backyard play thing. The Duke spent hours after work in his suit pants throwing a baseball or a lacrosse ball with Duke Jr.
    He has spoken of those days as something he values and won’t forget.

  3. kidding really??

    The books are the owner’s personal collection and not attributed to the designer. Presumptuous by you. If you even studied the collection for one minute you’d know that no designer could ever install such a collection for the sake of filling shelves.

  4. fred

    typical greenwich. the buyer will be either borderline retarded, possibly inbred old money, or a beverly hillbilly type…..or both. typical self absorbed-mildly retarded assholes in the 06830 hood. no doubt they”l have 10 cars out in the driveway and parked on the lawn gathering dust.