I’m not saying Mark Mariani has no taste

He might have exquisite taste and just has the business sense not to show it. Certainly he builds some of the most god-awful-looking houses in town but they all sell and usually sell quickly, so the man knows his market.

His latest example, displayed today at 32 Meadowcroft Road, may be his worst (or best) yet. The man clearly has no respect for his buyers, but why should he? Mariani buyers have a demonstrated history of caring about nothing but bulk, and boy does he give it to them. This one is the standard Mariani house, with the little port cochere thing going on between wings, big ugly rooms, and the same boring, rectangular  swimming pool surrounded by cheap paving stones he’s installed in every house of his I’ve ever seen. The only difference this time is that he’s added some kind of pseudo-French mansard roof and a bulbous thingie on the south side of the house. At $12.575 this will probably sell faster than the graceful manor down the street at 17. Why? Because it’s big big big and new new new. Meadowcroft used to be one of our prettiest streets. Three Mariani buildings later, that’s no longer true. In my opinion, of course. You are free to disagree and if you do, Mr. Mariani awaits you.


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17 responses to “I’m not saying Mark Mariani has no taste

  1. anon

    Amen, re: meadowcroft. Beautiful old houses on big lots getting razed for super Mariani McMansions (the custom house next door to 17 is also huge for the lot size). A Pity. Streetscape is permanently changed. For the worse.

    • The (end-user) builder of the house next to 17, the one that was described to me as looking like a university, is being built by that guy who was chased out of Deer Park when he proposed building it there. Sadly for Meadowcroft residents, they have no association as powerful as Deer Park’s so the fellow just tucked his plans under his arm and moved a little north.

  2. anon

    It’s a Doron Sabag house so you know it’s well built, ugly architecture notwithstanding..

  3. anon

    doron sabag built an ugly house? who is mariani? the architect? Doron Sabag is my DREAM builder if i even build a house, i have seen some gorgeous homes he has done. Why would he build an ugly home? he has such good taste!

  4. ajnock

    I’ve seen worse.

  5. ill-logical

    Meadowcroft now looks like a scene for the Grey Poupon ads where you go over to the mcmansion next door to borrow some mustard. All the advantages of a suburban cul de sac, but with giant houses all too close to the street. What ever happened to the long allee of trees leading up to the estate?

  6. Anonymous

    Meadowcroft use to be one of the best streets in Greenwich- now it is just filled with large tacky houses that have no taste and no soul. Just because one has money does not mean they have taste!! A real shame! Mariani should be run out of town- he should build down in Scarsdale where people would appreciate him. I think he has really lost his mind!

  7. TinLizzie

    Horrifying. These builders are demolishing charming homes and building monstrosities. Isn’t there some kind of Save Our Heritage orginization in place in order to prevent homes from being demolished for McMansions?

  8. happy in riverside

    Re: those spec houses on Lockwood….they are both stunning inside. I disagree completely with your comment and I’ve been in both homes. The yards are really small but the details, layouts and workmanship are incredible.

    • Of course they’re beautiful inside – Doran Sabag couldn’t build an ugly interior if he tried. But for this Riverside resident, I see only their exteriors, 2 or 3 X a day and, to my eye, they are ugly, ugly ugly. But as you note, this sort of reaction is entirely subjective. For me, it’s those chimneys that do the damage.

  9. Duff

    They sell eventually like everything does in Greenwich but, they are by no means snapped up. Usually rents them for a year or two before eventually unloading them at a significant discount to the asking. Buyers typically end up pumping a million+ into them. First thing to go is the flagstones set in dirt around the pools.

  10. TraderVic

    Mariani does a better-than-normal job setting his houses back from the road and landscaping them. This improves the curb appeal even though some of his house shapes are odd, as you point out. All things considered, I wouldn’t mind if a Mariani house went up in my neighborhood. Personally, I feel the humongous house (custom built by owner) just before #17 is the worst addition to the street — no hope for curb appeal given its massive footprint and postage stamp front yard.

  11. Hu Nhu?

    I don’t about his houses but I know him to be a crude thug. Amusing in very short doses, otherwise repellant.