Off rental, Regis’s former residence is back up for sale

38 Meeting House Rd

The TV host moved out long ago but now he owns (at least) two houses in town. I’m sure he can afford to. This one started out at $5.8 back in 2008 and must have been rented from ’09 until now because it’s back on the market today at $4.195, a figure much closer to its 2005 assessment of $3.127 and a tad more realistic.

Someone who watches his show told me, back then, that Regis would complain on air about his house that wouldn’t sell. He probably should have taken a harder look at his price instead of whining but that hardly distinguishes him from other Greenwich homeowners.


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9 responses to “Off rental, Regis’s former residence is back up for sale

  1. Cos Cobber

    In wholly unrelated news, did you see this interesting story about airbrushed photos?

  2. Jimbeau

    Is Meeting House Rd. still cluttered with Licata’s abandoned old house and the unfinished monstrosity he left across the street?

  3. architectural digest

    regis wife made sure she got this into ad.

  4. Highlander

    That is one ugly house in front. No wonder it didn’t sell.

  5. Speaking of ugly unfinished houses, what is going on with the Lower Cross Road pile of rubble/house skeleton that desperately needs to be torn down?

    • Dom Devito held some paper on that, but wasn’t the builder, who disappeared long ago. Dom’s out of commission for awhile, so I don’t know who’s in a position to clean up the mess. Probably no one, lucky neighbors.

  6. Every time I drive past it, I feel sorry for the neighbors, and wonder when someone is just going to torch it. I also don’t understand why there is still a construction trailer on site. Probably has a dead body inside.