Back from open houses

3 Hill Road

I saw a couple of nice houses, a handful of not bads, and a whole lot of “you’ve got to be kidding me”s. I did like 3 Hill Road in Greenwich, asking $4.950. It’s a back lot down a long driveway, which probably eats up the 0.43 of its 1.43 acres, but it was pretty much built in 2010 on the foundation of a 1967 house, and it’s 7,000 sq. feet (including its finished basement) of beautiful construction. Nicely proportioned rooms, great kitchen and an okay backyard with pool. Without the pool area the backyard would be more impressive but then you wouldn’t have the pool, and that pool is set up as a very nice area of its own. I liked the entire package just as it is.

7 Meadowbank in Old Greenwich, $4.450 is also newly built and just as nice, in its own way, as 3 Hill. Being Old Greenwich, the back yard is a postage stamp (large enough, however, to permit me to indulge in a lengthy game of “I throw, your retrieve” with the owners’ Labradoodle) but you have Rocky Point Club just through that backyard and all of Tod’s Point just a bit around the corner. Old Greenwich fans will get it, others won’t. I get it.

UPDATE: A reader asked for a picture of 3 Hill, so I’ve added one. It’s a Brad Hvolbeck listing and 7 Meadowbank is listed by Joann Erb of Round Hill Partners. I’m sure that each firm’s respective web site has much more information, including more pictures.


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3 responses to “Back from open houses

  1. anonymous

    Do you have a picture of the Hill Road house?

  2. just_looking

    @CF, Isn’t that the kind of request for work that exists in a client/buyers broker relationship?