Not everything sells in Riverside

The listing for 32 Oval Avenue has just expired. It’s on a decent street, not a bad-looking house, and at $1.180 million, not burdened with a totally unreasonable price, so what happened? Looking over the listing (I missed the open house, I guess), I notice that there’s only one bathroom in the house, and calling it the “master bath” when it must be shared with two other bedrooms doesn’t really make it a master bathroom.

I’ve pointed out here before that there were lots of houses with just one bath in the Riverside I grew up in and the kids all seemed to turn out well. My best friend Chase Carey shared one bath with his parents and two siblings in a small house on Summit Road and he’s gone on to be Rupert Murdoch’s top man and a big wheel in Hollywood, just as a for instance, but that was then and these days, I think this house requires at least one more bath. I don’t know if there’s room to add one but if not, I suspect a major price reduction will have to happen before this sells.


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5 responses to “Not everything sells in Riverside

  1. Our house on Hendrie had two baths, both upstairs — my mother always bemoaned the fact that there was no powder room for guests.

    Anyway, only our kids bathroom had a shower, so my father, home after a hard day in the city, soaked in his tub of water just short of boiling while sipping Heineken from a beer stein. After which, he trundled his lobster-red self down the hall to our shower for an icy rinse off — what he called “bracing.”

  2. Cos Cobber

    Off topic. What happened to letting the local schools decide what is best? This is a stupid waste of time and an embarressment for these two Republican representatives to become involved. The state should worry about worthy statewide matters and let the schools decide punishment, etc.

  3. fred

    all weenies

  4. Asta

    I too, was raised in a three bedroom 1 bath home and turned out quite successful. However, my parents didn’t pay upwards of $1M for said home; more like $35K. It’s all about the price as you like to point out.